Chapter 216: ASR Scores

Yeh toh jale par namak chidakhna hua na! She was already irritated and cheesed off with the ‘situation’ she found herself in.

As reported just a little while ago, she had charged into the loo in a tearing hurry to take off the tight blouse and the uncomfortable restriction of the petticoat around her expanding waistline. But then, to her horror, she found that no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t untie the doris of her blouse! Possibly her struggles entangled the knots further, “Punya tumhari toh khair nahi!” she ranted silently. She was in a fix, ab kya? It was either beg the Laad Governor to help her or sleep like this. She settled for loosening the petticoat and emerging from the washroom with her head held high, attempting to salvage her pride, hoping that Arnav would either be fast asleep or would be still too much on his dignity to deign to question her rather unconventional nightdress.

She was clearly out of luck, not only was he hounding her for an answer, he was only concerned about ‘his’ baby! How dare he?

She sat up, thoroughly riled and too annoyed to care about her strange appearance, “Zyaada baniye mat, you are just plain curious! Worried about my baby my foot, isme baby ko kya faraq padta hai ki humne kya pehna hai?”

Arnav’s expression lightened, he crossed his arms, “Faraq toh padega na? If you are uncomfortable, wouldn’t my baby be uncomfortable?” he argued unanswerably, “Stop prevaricating Khushi aur batao kya hua?”

She sighed, well he asked for it, she didn’t have to beg, she consoled herself, “Woh humse blouse ki dori nahi khul rahi hai,” she said in a small voice.

He cracked up and rolled on the bed, laughing. She glared furiously at him. He sobered up and shrugged, “Okayy, gunight,” he lay down and closed his eyes, a huge smile on his face.

“Kyaaa,” Khushi’s face was a perfect O, “Now you are not worried about the baby or what?” she accused hotly.

Arnav sat up and looked at Khushi blandly, “Nope, its fine now, earlier I was a bit worried about your mental status, you seemed crazy, I mean crazier than usual,” he shrugged, “But since there is a perfectly rational explanation, I am relieved of my worry,” he said the smirk in full view.

Khushi spat fire with her eyes; ufff he WAS going to make her BEG wasn’t he? She was damn uncomfortable, sleep toh door ki baat, she wasn’t able to lie down comfortably in the damn blouse; she felt as if she were slowly being suffocated.

“Woh…woh aap..aap,” She stuttered ineffectually and incomprehensibly.

Arnav looked at her innocently, “Kya aap aap laaga rakkha hai Khushi, khul ke bolo Khushi,” he encouraged with a rather superior expression which set her teeth on edge.

Not one to be cowed down so easily, Khushi said with loathing, “Bahut mazaa aa raha hai na aapko hume iss haal main dekh kar?”

He grinned widely, and admitted honestly, “I can’t deny it, mazaa toh mujhe aa raha hai! Help chahiye mujhse? Toh maangna padega,” he crossed his arms in pleasurable anticipation, “Haq hai tumhara, wife ho meri, aur waise bhi koi hai nahi yahan sunne ke liye, Devansh bhi nahi! Haan agar apne aap se sharam aa rahi ho toh mere kaan main aa kar whisper kar do, tumhe bhi nahi sunai dega,” he said with ill-concealed glee.

Comfort and pride warred within her. She threw of the covers and walked to the French windows, and stood there awkwardly trying out an exotic yoga pose in an effort to untangle the knots.

After a while, she felt rather than heard Arnav soft breath on her almost bare back, “Achcha theek hai,” he conceded defeat graciously, “I don’t want my baby to be disturbed by so much of anger and ego hormones, so main hi help kar deta hoon,” he leaned forward and whispered softly, “May I?”

Laad Governor kahin ke, Khushi fumed silently, chit bhi meri pat bhi meri, she knew she had lost this battle, he was being kind and generous and by asking her permission, he put the ball right back in her court!

Grimly she nodded her head.

She shivered as she felt his fingers playing along the knots and teasingly brush against her back; rather unnecessarily she thought; khoob samajhti hoon aapke offensive tactics ko, she thought as her dhokebaaz heart went dhak dhak. Bas kar Khushi, she closed her eyes and reminded herself, apne gusse ko itni aasani se mat jaane dena.

Arnav was suddenly very cooperative and loquacious; he gave a running commentary on how tight and tricky the knots were, he peered into them closely all the while breathing heavily on to her overtly sensitive back, she had goosebumps all over and she wanted to scream in frustration.

But the final straw was when he regretfully or rather should I say happily, declared that his fingers weren’t deft or sharp enough to untangle the knots, “I could cut the knots with a pair of scissors?” he held his breath even though he was sure of his Khushi.

“Nahii,” Khushi protested, “Humara blouse kharab ho jayega, pata hai kitna mehenga hai!”

Arnav allowed himself a triumphant smirk, “I could use my teeth,” he offered blandly.

Khushi closed her eyes and sighed; well she had walked into that one! She warred for a few brief moments between letting him use the scissors but then her senses, her dhak dhak, the rising RV all conspired against her anger; kaunsa jhagda, kuansa ego moaned her heart, life was short as it is, her heart protested softening and leaning relentlessly towards her beloved.

Bas kar Khushi, she warned herself categorically, uss Laad Governor ko itni aasaani se jeetne mat dena, bina unke kuch kahe, bina unke manaye, how can you just fall into his trap like this?

Par Khushi, whispered her heart, woh apne tareeke se mana hi toh rahe hai na?

The battle was all but lost, but she was still determined to hold on as long as she could; she nodded her head and put up her guards; she clenched her hands, gritted her teeth and steeled herself for the oncoming attack.

But at the very first brush of his lips on her back, all her defenses crumbled. With a whimper she turned around and threw her arms around his neck; he crushed her to him and the knots became miraculously undone with a flick of his deft fingers.

In the morning, when Khushi was bidding Arnav goodbye as he was leaving for the office, he suddenly turned around and said, “Khushi, koi achcha sa gift le aana aaj,” and started walking.

Khushi was surprised, “Achcha sa gift? Kiske liye?”

He turned around and flashed a wicked smile, “Punya ke liye.”

Khushi glared at him, or tried to glare at him, but failed miserably and instead blushed adorably; he stole a kiss and walked off with a victorious smirk.

Laad Governor kahin ke, Khushi grumbled to Devi Maiyya but the angst was missing, she felt calm and at peace, she hated fighting with Arnav, but there was just a tiny niggle, ‘kaise mana kar diya tha hume! Kuch toh wajah batana chahiye tha na DM, aap bhi bataiye?’ she pleaded and sat quietly with her best friend. ‘Hum aage se dhyaan rakhenge aur koi pooche toh saaf saaf mana kar denge pehle se hi’ she reminded herself sternly. She suddenly smacked herself, ‘bas kar Khushi, sahi toh keh rahe hain! How can he keep a relative in his office as a peon? Would be so embarrassing for him, sab teri hi galati hai!’ she cheered up instantly and smiled her brilliant smile.

That evening Poo was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful chamkili suit with matching bangles and jhumkas, “Bhabhi!” she squeaked in delight, “Kitna sundar hai yeh! Kis liye?”

Khushi smiled at her obvious joy and the memory of the night before, “Bas aise hi,” she said softly, “Bhaiyya ne bola tha,” a faint blush suffused her face.

Punya’s cup of joy overflowed, ‘aise hi!’ aur ‘bhaiyya ne bola’! Par kyon she wondered, shayad isliye kyon ki humne sajaya tha na Bhabhi ko, aur Bhabhi kitni sundar lag rahi thi kal, isliye! She thought to herself, little knowing how close yet so far from the truth she really was.


Aap logon ko mazaa nahi aa raha kya? Bahut hi zyaada silentiya hai sab log (barring the few regulars of course) 😦

Posted a flash fiction after ages – SPF: Reality Bytes. No pressure just sayin 😉

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 216: ASR Scores”

  1. Thank god the stupid quarrel is over and Khushi realised her mistake in asking Arnav for the job. At least Puniya got a dress out of the skirmish.
    Thank you, Dahlia.
    Hot sizzling days are back.

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  2. Khushi is right. Devi Maiiya is increasingly on Arnav’s side. Waise Arnav ka pov bhi sahi hai… About not giving a relative of theirs a job as a peon. But clearly baat karna mana hai kya? Uff laad governor!

    Liked by 1 person

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