Chapter 146: An App-t Gift

Arnav grinned and led her out of the baby room. He made her sit at her desk and indicated that she should open her laptop. She looked confusedly at him; she opened her laptop and switched it on. He pulled a stool and sat along side her and asked her check her mail. Sure enough there was an email from him, ‘From me to you with love’.

Khushi looked at him and smiled, “Shukriya, I shall treasure this email.”

Arnav rolled his eyes, “Come on Khushi, open the damn mail.”

“Oh! Yeh wali line nahi hai kya!” Khushi hurriedly clicked it, it opened to reveal exactly what he had promised, one line, a blue underlined one; as she waited for the link to load, she reached out clasped his hand to her heart, aww he was such a romantic, koi beautiful poem ya phir koi picture bheja hoga, koi VM bhi ho sakta hai, she thought hopefully, maybe he has compiled a collection of our songs over the years, she tenderly clasped his hand with both her hands, her grip slackened, “Yeh kya hai!” she uttered dazed as she came back to earth with a bang.

Arnav detached his hand and slipped it about her shoulders and took over the keyboard, his eyes glistening with excitement, “Khushi look this is the link to your business, I got a software application developed especially for you. With the help of this software you can control your business sitting at home, you don’t need to go to the office at all. Look this button provides the list of all your customers, click on anyone and his or her entire history will be available, name, address, food preferences, special instructions, payment status etc. Then this link is for customers, they can create a page of their own and leave instructions and messages, like ‘out of town’ or any feedback. They have the facility to mark their major complaints such as non-delivery or cockroach in food (she punched him hard) as ‘urgent’ for immediate delivery as an sms to your mobile or whosoever number you want. They have the facility to make payments online. And here, this button, this provides link to all your customers and their payment status, who has paid, who has yet to pay, who is defaulting etc etc. This is a test link and these data are just for testing purposes, you can check it out and if some aspects have been missed or you want changes, the IT chappie can include those to suit your requirements, well what do you think?” He looked at her expectantly.

Khushi stared at the screen silently, her mind racing as she took over the keyboard, her heart rate increased as she clicked the buttons; here lay the solution to all her worries and concerns, she could now run her business from home for as long as she wished, she felt light and free, emotions threatened to overcome her, “Kya hua Khushi?” Arnav asked softly, “Didn’t you like it, should I explain again?”

Khushi finally turned to look at him, she shook her head and tried to speak but the words stuck in her throat, she threw her arms around his neck and burst into tears, “Khushi! Kya hua, why are you crying, its ok, come on Khushi, were you expecting something else, wait I got something else as well, here,” he opened the desk drawer and took out a jewelry box and slipped the navratna stone studded gold bangles on to her slim wrists and wiped her tears, “Better?”

Khushi shook her head and sniffed, “Aap aisa soch bhi kaise sakte hain, that I wouldn’t like this. This is the best gift I could ever receive; I started crying because I have been so worried about how I would manage AKC that I couldn’t sleep at night; now when I saw that all my problems have been taken care of, I couldn’t control my emotions,” she cupped his face and said softly, “Humare pass shabd nahi hai apni khushi batane ke liye, sambhalne ke liye bahut bahut shukriya.”

Arnav smiled at her relieved and pleased, “Hamesha sambhalta rahoonga.”

Khushi leaned against him gratefully, feeling light and carefree, she looked at the bangles adorning her wrists, and looked at him, “Waise inki koi zaroorat nahi thi, but they are also beautiful, thank you.”

“Are you sure Khushi?” he looked at her keenly, “This can also be changed or you can buy another one of your choice?”

Khushi shook her head, “Ji nahi, these are perfect and I will always wear them, it is time I moved away from glass bangles, especially now with the baby they might break and hurt the baby,” she admired her wrists happily, “Kitne sundar hai na, and so colorful too, waise Arnav,” she shot him a look from under her brows, “Why did you buy those bangles for me?”

Arnav looked at her surprised, “Yeh toh rasam hai Khushi to give something to your wife, isme poochne wali kaun si baat hai?”

Khushi sighed, irritated at his obtuseness, “Nahi Arnav, hum inki baat nahi kar rahe, hum woh choodiyon ki baat kar rahe hain jo aap humare liye laye the, Jiji ke shaadi se pehle.”

It was Arnav’s turn to sigh, “Khushi you really are the limit, kaun se zamane ki baat le kar baithi ho, chodo use, yeh software application check karo and note down all the changes you want, and here this is the IT guy’s number, you can directly talk it out with him. And oh, I forgot to tell you, I am getting your whole office covered under CCTV and once that is in place you can even ‘oversee’ your kitchen sitting at home.”

Khushi stared at him overwhelmed, “Aapne itna kuch kiya humare liye?!” then worried, “Kitna paisa lage ga? I don’t think AKC can afford all this.”

“Relax Khushi,” Arnav soothed her, “This is a gift from me to you, so don’t worry about the cost ok?”

She nodded her head, “Par phir bhi, itna karcha karne ki zaroorat kya thi? Baby room, software application, yeh kangan, CCTV, aapka toh bank balance nil ho gaya hoga, baby ke liye kuch bacha ki nahi?”

Arnav laughed, “Crazy woman, tum bhool jaati ho ki tum Arnav Singh Raizada ki biwi ho,” then he turned serious, “Khushi sach batao, tum khush ho na, I really hurt you over a non-issue that too during pregnancy, I am really sorry, I keep wondering, kya hogaya tha mujhe!” he shook his head regretfully, “Were you expecting something else Khushi? Tell me Khushi, do you want something?”

Khushi clasped his hands, “I have everything I could ever need, bas baby should be healthy and fine,” he hugged her tenderly. She hesitated and then mumbled, “Waise ek baath hai.”

“Tell me Khushi,” Arnav ordered her.

Khushi shook her head and walked away to the poolside.


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 146: An App-t Gift”

  1. And now I’m shedding khushi ke aansoon with Khushi!

    Woh yunhi agar usse sambhalta raha kuch iss tarah
    Toh kaise main sambhalungi iss dil ko mere
    Har pal jo pighalne ko taiyar hai woh
    Mashgool na ho jaaye woh unme aise
    Ki Saanson se dhyaan hi uth jaaye uss dil ka ek din

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ““Kya hua Khushi?” Arnav asked softly, “Didn’t you like it, should I explain again?”” -> I love his confidence. Khushi ko achcha nahi laga hoga because she didn’t understand. Aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta ki woh samjhe aur phir bhi achcha na lage, kyun Arnav? And seriously, Khushi still thinks he is going to become bankrupt with the gifts he gave her? Like SERIOUSLY.?? Ye Khushi bhi na. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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