Chapter 433: RV Again

“Arre Madamji,” Putti looked around embarrassed at the others in the room, “Rehne dijiye na, waise bhi, us din aapke dieting ka second day tha na!” she grinned cheekily.

Everyone laughed including Anya, she leaned down and gave Putti a tight hug, “I am sorry, really really sorry ho sake toh maaf kar dena, and please please stay and help me with the girls main toh two weeks main hi pagal ho gayi!”

Putti nodded happily, “Of course Madamji, aapko nahi pata how much I missed the babies,” she went and cuddled them. They shrieked in excitement and drooled happily over their spoils of victory, “Madamji, you take some rest,” Putti said reassuringly, “They have had their lunch and will soon go off to sleep.”

Anya smiled and nodded to the others, one final kiss and cuddle they filed out of the room, “Khushi,” Arnav spoke gruffly, “Shall I drop you home? The kids should be back from school soon?”

Khushi nodded, “Nani aap?”

Nani shook her head, “I think I will stay here for a bit, why don’t you get the children here, they would be thrilled to meet the twins I am sure.”

“Ji Nani,” Khushi smiled, “Of course they would but let me see check their schedules first, waise bhi pata chalega toh they will rush here I am sure.”

“Maami, even I want to come along please,” Anya said, “Just hang on a sec will you, let me just say bye to Dad,” she rushed off ignoring Khushi’s question, “What about Sherry?”

Khushi looked resignedly at Arnav, “Whaat?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Oho aapko kuch pata vata hota hai ki nahi!” exclaimed Khushi, “Can’t you see, Anya and Sherry need to talk, aise ek doosre ko avoid karenge toh kaise chalega? They need to air their individual grouses, talk it out and only then can they put it all behind,” Khushi sighed; she perked up, her eyes twinkled mischievously, “hang on a second will you?” she too charged off.

Arnav rolled his eyes and threw up his hands in the air, “What the!” he had no choice but to cool his heels while he waited for the ladies to arrive.

“Oh there you are Sherry,” said Khushi brightly, “Arnav and I were just going to RM to bring Guddu and Chotti over, care to accompany us?” she said casually, “I cant wait to see their expressions when they catch sight of you.”

Sherry smiled and nodded, “Sure, I would too!”

“Oh that’s great, we can all have lunch together! Ek kaam karo, you go ahead on and meet Arnav, I will just inform Di and come ok?” she gave him a gentle push.

Sherry obediently shuffled off to Arnav. Khushi sent up a hurried prayer and dialed, “Arnav!” she hissed urgently, “Take Sherry to the car, main Anya ko lekar aati hoon.”

“Whaaa…” Arnav was all at sea.

“Oho just do as I say,” she ordered peremptorily and disconnected, “Di, Chachiji, I am hijacking Anya and Sherry to RM, you know to let them vent it out, clear the air so to speak,” she twinkled, “basically they need to shout it out without any interruptions and yahan par there are too many distractions hai na?”

“Good idea!” Both just had time to nod their agreement before Anya was upon them, “Oh there you are Anya,” smiled Khushi, “met Kishu bhaiyya?”

Anya nodded, “Yes, I did,” she made a face, “How I wish I was calm and cool like him not hyper like my nutty mother.”

“Anya,” Anjali said in a warning tone, “You should speak like that about your mother.”

“Fine, but still, fact is fact,” Anya turned to Khushi, “shall we go?”

Anya stopped short by the car when she spied Sherry seated beside Arnav, “What’s he doing here?” she hissed.

Khushi shrugged, “Pata nahi, your Mamu must have some work with him, maybe they will go to the office?” she said glibly.

Reluctantly Anya got into the car while Sherry didn’t even deign to turn around. Khushi rolled her eyes at Arnav as she met his in the rear view mirror he shook his head resignedly as he eased his foot off the clutch and the car slid forward.

Khushi chatted brightly all the way while the two sat morosely answering in monosyllables, “Oho both of you remind me of Guddu and Chotti!” burst out Khushi as she got out of the car at RM. Their expressions blackened even more, if that were possible whilst Arnav’s lips twitched, “Have lunch with us before you leave for the office,” Khushi leaned down and requested Arnav. He blinked and switched off the engine. Khushi smiled and went to the other side and opened Sherry’s door giving him no choice but to follow suit.

“Maami!” hissed Anya, “You tricked me didn’t you? I would have never come if I had known that he too was going to be here,” she declared in a carrying voice.

“Who?” puzzled Khushi turned around as she opened the RM door, “Your Mamu? But I though you were rather fond of him?” she protested.

“Very funny Mami,” snorted Anya as she trailed in beside Khushi, “You very well know I didn’t mean Mamu!”

Khushi leaned towards Anya and whispered conspiratorially, “Who then? HP?”

Anya glared at Khushi who hid a grin and threw her bag on the sofa; she accepted a glass of water from HP “Please serve us our lunch will you HPji?”

He bowed obsequiously and vanished from the scene.

“Oh aren’t we waiting for the children?” Arnav looked up in surprise.

Khushi shook her head, “They will be a bit late today as they have practice for their upcoming annual day function.”

“I am not hungry,” muttered Anya sulkily as she flopped on to the beanbag.

“We will just be back in a second,” Khushi said apologetically as she caught hold of Arnav’s hand and dragged him away, “Kuch papers dene hain Arnav ko,” she said airily.

“What the!” Arnav protested at being unceremoniously hustled out of the living room, “Kahan lekar jaa rahi ho? And what papers?”

“Oho how can you be so obtuse?” Khushi snapped impatiently as she steered him towards the edge of lobby on the landing and peered over the side, attempting to catch a glimpse of the two, “Khushi kya kar rahi ho?” Arnav said warningly.

“Shh!” Khushi put a warning finger to her lips, “Cant you see I am trying to give them some space to talk it out?”

“Unbelievable!” his eyebrow shot through the roof, “While you overhear! Sharam nahi aati tumhe Khushi?”

Khushi shrugged, “Isme sharam wali kaunsi baat hai, ab they have started washing dirty linen in public toh kisiko toh check karna padega na that the washing is being done properly,” she said piously, “after all humare bachche hi toh hain?” she blinked soulfully at him.

“Ek minute,” she said as she hurriedly called up HP and muttered urgently, “HPji khana thodi der baad lagana and stay in the kitchen,” she disconnected the phone and once again peered over the side.

Arnav walked forward wearing a lazy expression, Khushi stiffened, “Y…yeh aap kya kar rahein hain?” she squeaked alarmed as her heart played truant and skipped a beat, “Kuch nahi, just some unfinished business,” he murmured huskily as he neatly trapped her into a corner.

“Ar…nav,” Khushi looked around wildly, “Is this the time or the place?”

“Waqt bhi hai aur dastur bhi,” Arnav murmured as he leaned towards her.

Khushi closed her eyes as his warm breath caressed her cheeks, “Arent you hungry?” she muttered incoherently.

“Terribly, awfully, crazily,” he swallowed up the rest of her protests.


Didn’t I tell you it was RV’s day out 😛

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