Chapter 339: A Spat

Arnav reluctantly pulled away, “Dammit now you will catch my cold – dola tha na door raho?” he snapped.

Khushi threw up her hands, “I just can’t win can I?” and flounced off with a backward glance at his frowning face and then turned away to swallow – it had been so long, “Abhi kaada lekar aati hoon,” she vanished from the scene.

Outside in the corridor, Khushi took a deep breath to steady her emotions. She had been close to losing her composure just then at the glimpse of her Arnav before he vanished. It had been many days now, perhaps weeks – Arnav was stressed over work and Anya had just added to it. The relief of having that issue sorted no doubt had lifted a big load from his mind but clearly he was still distracted and had other more important matters on his mind than home and family – his work.

Ever since the split, Arnav had taken the issue of restablishing A&Ddesigns to its former level as a personal challenge and was completely dedicated towards that goal and only that goal – at least Anya ke chakkar ke chakkar main Khushi got to see him nahi toh uska bas chalta toh woh office main hi so jaata! Even the kids missed him par kaam bhi toh zaroori tha besides Arnav Singh Raizada ki shaan ki baat thi – Khushi sighed and tried to make the best out of the situation as possible.

But she missed him dammit – she hastily blinked away her tears and quickly poured the kaada into a mug and took it up to him hoping to spend a few more precious moments with him. But she was too late, he was busy on the phone, “I don’t care how you do it Aman,” he barked, “Just get that meeting fixed with the French delegation, I want to fix that deal with them and I want to do it today before they fly back,” he sighed frustratedly, “I know I know Aman,” he snapped, “But right now we cant afford to make such expensive trips merely for clinching a deal, besides I would prefer to nail the deal on our terms while they are on our turf, get to it Aman,” his voice brooked no opposition, “And do it fast before the Singhanias get to it,” he disconnected the phone and made a face as Khushi offered the kaada to him but he did take the proffered mug and sipped it – the sooner he got rid of this cold the better it would be – for work, “Poo kahan hai? Send her will you,” he dismissed Khushi as he pulled his ‘first wife’ on to his lap.

Khushi grimaced and bumped into Devansh on her way out; he hardly noticed her for he had other important matters on his mind, “Dad!” he called urgently, “Did you get the tickets to the football match at Kolkata?”

Arnav raised his head and his eyes flickered guiltily towards Khushi, “Sorry big guy,” he shrugged, “I…I forgot.”

Devansh’s hopeful eager expression crumpled and he struggled valiantly to manfully deal with his disappointment yet his lips trembled alarmingly; he would have risen to his DSR avatar then and there if only he could have found his voice.

Khushi’s heart broke for her little boy; she glared fiercely at Arnav holding herself back with an effort. She didn’t want to rip at Arnav in front of their child and neither could she gather her baby into her arms for that would break his fragile self-control for sure and he would probably never forgive her that transgression, “Ok ok,” Arnav raised his hands and conceded, “I will just now book the tickets but I am afraid I wont be able to go.”

“Dekho tickets bhi milta hai ki nahi,” Khushi shot back bitterly unable to stop herself from lashing out – aww her poor baby – he had been so excited about going for the match. It was a huge event and top players from all over the world were converging at the City of Joy for a charity match and fans could meet their heroes at a special dinner as well. Devansh had been on cloud 9 and Khushi had often caught him smiling blissfully as he imagined himself brushing shoulders with the world’s best of the best and now to not even be able to attend the match? It was too much for his sensibilities and Devansh rudely brushed past his mum and vanished from the scene, “Kya zaroorat thi yeh bolne ki?” Arnav instantly snapped, guilt clawing at him.

“Aap tickets bhool kaise sakte hain?” Khushi snapped back, “Devansh kitna excited tha aur kab se aap ko bol raha hai, how can you be so irresponsible and disappoint him like this,” Khushi was furious on behalf of her beloved Guddu – her heart tore at the way his face had fallen – bechara Guddu, har cheez ki hadd hoti hai, she thought seething with resentment and annoyance, its fine if he ignores me and treats me as part of the furniture but the kids? She wouldn’t take that lying down not a chance Mr Arnav Singh Raizada she fumed as she attempted to control her unruly tongue. As his wife she understood his commitments, his passion for work and could wait for his attention but the kids, they needed him now…

“Haan haan zyaada lecture dene ki zaroorat nahi hai,” Arnav too lashed back guessing at the trend of her thoughts, “Main tumhare tarah ‘ghar ghar’ nahi khel raha, itna hi bête ki chinta hai toh you could have arranged for the tickets,” he was at his cutting best egged on by his guilty conscience (Guddu’s face was haunting him as well), “Or is that beyond your capabilities because of your commitments?” he said in a rather derogatory tone.

Khushi was cut to the core, she swallowed, “of course I could have but then he wanted to go with you not me,” she pointed out evenly, “Waise bhi what did you have to do? Aman ko hi toh dates batana tha?”

ASR glared at her and not one to back down Khushi held her ground and glared back at him equally fiercely – nobody, nobody got away with hurting her kids, nobody not even the Laad Governor himself.

“Mamma!” Chotti tripped inside, “Woh Nani,” she stopped short and looked at them both apprehensively as the strong negative vibes in the room engulfed her, “Kya hua?” she asked fearfully.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 339: A Spat”

    1. I am not sure if any characteristic can be generalized and neither am I an expert, but it has been my observation that partners do tend to lash out at each other, partly (and perhaps) because of the immunity the relationship guarantees. Generally the emotionally stronger partner is the punching bag but the reason why she accepts being the punching bag is of key importance. Is it because she is in a limbo and hesitant to move out because of her own personal inhibitions and self-imposed shackles? Or is it because it is not a question of whether he loves her or not or whether he is someone whom she can live with but that he is someone she cannot live without. But that still does not make it easy or right…

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