Hook, Line and Sinker

A/N Kaisan ho Nandkisore! Sab kusal mangal na? Waise I was thinking everybody is interested in Guddu and Chotti but nobody is interested in Ankit? Not fair huh? After all Mama ka one and only Bhanja hai woh right?

Sometime ago (July 2016) I had written a flash fiction on Ankit and had offered to even post a sequel. But then there were no takers (readers) or nobody really connected the dots. Anyway to cut a long story short – In case you haven’t read it (or don’t remember it – I didn’t 😉 ) here’s the link to the flash fiction  starring Ankit – Shooed Out and its sequel below. For full wasooli, please read in sequence 🙂

Hook, Line and Sinker

 A message from Ankit – Please have my sneakers delivered to this address.

Dutifully and promptly Bhanushree packed them in a box; pausing only to dip them in the ample slush after the rains.

She got another message. Thanks! Now it feels like home.

She broke three cups, controlling her sobs long enough to choose the chipped ones.

Her phone beeped again. Except…

Hiccupping, tears drying on her cheeks, sniffling, heart in mouth, Bhanushree stared at her phone – willing it to beep. Come on! Come on! She gripped her phone tightly. I swear I will strangle him! How dare he leave me hanging like this?

Tears filled her eyes. She scrubbed her face in her hurry to read the message. Except for my screaming Banshee.

Arghh! That was it, she was going over right now – his screaming Banshee was she?



Her recalcitrant heart fluttered but she quelled it ruthlessly when she read his next message.

Enjoying the peace and quiet.

Enjoying while she felt as if her heart had been ripped out? No chance, if she wasn’t enjoying neither was he.

She put her finger on his doorbell and kept it there until he opened the door.


“Yes me! Did you really think you could get peace and quiet so easily?”

Looking down at her he pursed his lips. He shrugged. “Nah. I really didn’t think so. But so good of you to come and deliver it yourself.”

“You!” Bhanushree shook her finger at him. “Don’t try to change the topic. Deliver what?”

“Didn’t you get my message?”

“Grrrr…What message?”

Ankit’s lips twitched.

He hit the send button.

Bhanushree’s phone beeped.

She looked at the message.

Since you were kind enough to return my original sneakers, could I have my hugging pillow as well?


Just some weekend time pass. Psst I also have another one ready but not feeling inspired enough to post. Hmm I wonder if DM could be persuaded…










Hope you like!

38 thoughts on “Hook, Line and Sinker”

  1. Awww!…he is more like his father I guess…Mama toh itna bhi nahi karta :D…but then Mama doesn’t keep anything messy…except for himself! 😀

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  2. You make me feel jealous of your work…i mean people love you back…hmmm..koi ni koi ni hum bhi aapko pyar dene walon mein hi aate hain…lovely insight…hai barun ki yaad aa gayi…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was one fantastic piece Dahlia and comparison is simple awesome… He has a the subtle sense of humor of ASR and getting things done his way eventhough grudgingly and then adding to the irritation of the other by pointing it out… Loved it..

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hahaa… Ankit and his one-liners, .. he knows exactly how to rile her up and bring her back into his fold. He was shooed out only to get herself out lock stock and barrel , hahaa!!

    Liked by 1 person

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