Chapter 64: GM Status Quo

The wedding frenzy over, life limped back to its normal routine, school, hospital, meals, etc etc. Except that is for Anjali, she had taken about a month off from work and it was over a two weeks now; yet she was still living out of her suitcases (if you remember there were 10 not counting her stuff which was still at RM waiting for her commands to be shifted to GM!)

Moreover, Khsitij seemed quite content with the status quo, he made no attempt to convince Anya or corner Anjali (much to her disappointment); she was assailed with doubts, maybe he didn’t love her anymore, maybe he had just wanted a mum for Anya, her lips and shoulders drooped. So what? That’s not such a bad thing is it? Angelic Anjali taunted her, or are you so keen on.., nahi nahi not at all, she brushed away even the thought of SR. This ‘situation’ suits me just fine, she told herself firmly; only worried about my wardrobe or lack of it. Hence the unsettled feeling.

There was not enough place in Anya’s room for all her stuff (Khushi’s would have fitted in with space to spare 😛 ) besides it was rather tiresome to hunt for stuff from case to case and then the problem of where to keep the stuff that came out on a daily basis. Slowly Anya’s cupboard was overloaded with Anjie’s stuff and finally it struck Anya that perhaps Anjie needed more space for her clothes.

She thought over this problem and said, “Anjie, perhaps you should unpack your clothes and put them up properly in a cupboard, many cupboards,” dubiously surveying Anjali’s many cases and her stuffed cupboard.

Anjali dolefully nodded her head, “Yes Anya even I think so, and it is so difficult to bend over and search in the cases and if I try to take out anything from the cupboard it all comes tumbling down. I have to start going to office soon and then I will really be rushed for time,” she finished even more unhappily.

“You could put your clothes in the guest room right next to this room,” Anya dragged a reluctant Anjie, but they were forced to admit that this too would not suffice.

Anjali became very sad, “Maybe I have too many clothes, I should probably get rid of them.”

Anya was horrified, “Nooo! How can you say that! I love your clothes, umm let me think,” Anya paced up and down restlessly while Anjali looked hopefully at her.

“Oh!” Anya’s face lit up, “How could I forget! Come with me,” excitedly she pulled Anjali to her feet and took her to Khsitij’s room, Anjali’s steps slowed and faltered a bit as her heart fluttered, “Here?” she mumbled.

“Yes here!” Anya went through the spacious bedroom to another room between the bedroom and the bathroom, a sort of a changing cum dressing room. One side opened into the bathroom while the opposite side had a massive dressing table with a full length mirror. The rest of the room was lined with huge spacious cupboards, “Voila!” said Anya.

Anjali laughed and clapped her hands, “Awesome, exactly what I need! But,” her face fell, “this is your dad’s room…”

Anya laughed, “Actually I forgot, Daddy got these cupboards made for you, he barely has enough clothes to fill the ones in his room (haan Khushi ka bhai hai na not to mention ASR ka jija…even Shyambabua’s belongings fitted into a medium case – err please do excuse the side notes, sometimes I just cannot resist myself. Besides Svkuki had specifically granted me license to ramble 😀 ); while these were being made Dad told me, ‘this room is for Anjie’s clothes’, honest, cross my heart and hope to die,” Anya swore and immediately Anjali shushed her.

Anya and Anjali spent a happy fulfilling afternoon unpacking Anjie’s multiple suitcases. While putting away her stuff with Anya, Anjali was reminded of another day, another year, where she had helped Khushi put away her stuff in Chotte’s cupboard. She shook her head, Chotte had been so annoyed, she should have guessed something was seriously wrong, why marry someone so hastily and yet not share the cupboard? If only she had not been so blind, maybe her baby….she surreptitiously wiped her tears.

The previously deserted dark cupboards wore a bright cheerful look and were bursting to the seams. The contents of the final suitcase were honored with their prized place amongst Khsitij stuff in the master bedroom, again at the behest of Anya, who brushed away Anjali’s exhortations to at least ask ‘your dad’. “Oh Anjie,” said Anya almost pityingly, “you are so scared of daddy, he won’t eat you up,” she giggled.

Anjali made a moue and sighed.

At the hospital

Khsitij shook hands with his patient and after he left, he turned his chair to face the window. He steepled his fingers and tapped his forehead with his joined fingers, what a mess, he sighed. How could he sort out other people’s problems when he couldn’t even handle his own married life? He shook his head, his fault, he should have put his foot down earlier, but Anya had been so happy; his heart melted whenever he thought of her joy, a child needed a mother so much, could never be as much as he needed his wife.

Feeling restless he got up and walked to the window and looked out, not that he didn’t miss her but he had thought time would help Anjie settle down faster, feel more at home, in fact he had withdrawn a bit; but that was mostly because he didn’t trust himself around her, it was easier if he withdrew and that seemed to have backfired; lately he was getting a strong negative vibe from Anjie; she was very distant with him and also seemed to be displeased.

He sighed and rubbed his chin, his dimples in full view, she probably thinks I married her for Anya sake, sure does look like that he thought wryly. He wondered what he could do to make her think otherwise. The problem was that most of the time Anya was with them which severely cramped his style; and by mutual consent before the wedding they had decided to postpone the honeymoon as they didn’t want Anya to feel neglected and sidelined; they thought had thought it best to wait till she was more secure and adjusted to the notion of a mum and dad as a unit.

Well their plan sure did work Khsitij thought ruefully, only now Anjie probably felt insecure and sidelined. He remembered he had promised to reassure her for the rest of their lives; he had do to do something and something fast, before it all blew up in his face, he turned back and rang the bell for the next patient; thankfully nobody else knew about this unique arrangement, for both the families had considerately left them alone for most of the time.

But of course we know that Khsitij was laboring under an MU in this regard; Arshi were definitely in the know and the last two weeks had seen many an argument break out between the two over their siblings’ love life or lack of it.

“Arnav we have to do something” Khushi paced up and down the poolside restlessly.

“Sure, just let me send this mail and we can do anything you want Khushi,” Arnav said deliberately misunderstanding her.

“Arnavvv!” Khushi got irritated, “Aapko yeh sab mazzak lag raha hai?”

“Khuushii!” Arnav also irritated, “Let it be, they are adults they will sort it out by themselves, you will not interfere, samjhi tum?”

“But Arnav, this is so abnormal, it has been 2 weeks and Di is still sleeping in Anya’s room!”

“Oh really!” Arnav shut his laptop and got up languidly to his feet, “Tumhe kaise pata what is normal and abnormal?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Nahi, woh…”Khushi fumbled embarrassed.

“Woh kya,” said Arnav enjoying himself “You discuss these things with your amma buaji?”

“ARNAV!” Khushi exclaimed scandalized.

“Nahi?” Arnav stalked her aggressively and reflexively Khushi stepped back, “Then speaking from personal experience? When did you have your SR?”

Khushi glared at him and then burst out laughing, “Ok ok, fine, I will not interfere, but be sure, if Di says anything main chup nahi rahoongi,” she warned him.

“Chup bilkul chup,” Arnav murmured softly.

“But,” Khushi protested.

Arnav sighed; he had no choice but to use his Brahmastra.


Err you do know about his Brahmastra dont you? Or when he first used it? No? Would you like to read it? Just say the word! 😉

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 64: GM Status Quo”

  1. Thank you, Dahlia. Khushi should shoot her brahmastra before Arnav does. Should tell Arnav that she is going to stay with her brother and help Di to settle with her new husband or bring Anya to Shantivan to spend some time with CSR as he was missing his Di so much.
    Looking forward to the next update(s)

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  2. that arnav khushi convo just left the biggest smile on my face!!! Khushi being teased by LG is a personal favorite, I have decided! 🙂 And aapke question ka answer hai YES YES YES.

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