Weekly Photo Challenges

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges

Wherever possible and not self-explanatory I have tried to give you a sneak preview of what you may letting yourself in for if you click the link. If your thoughts and views differ do let me know!

  1. Clouds Galore
  2. Pure Fun and Joy
    • Birds having an impromptu pool party
  3. A Curvaceous Collection
    • A diverse collection of curves
  4. Ornate Doors
    • Beautiful doors at the City Palace Jaipur
  5. Colored B/W Pics
  6. Look Up
  7. Frames
  8. The Fairest of Them All
  9. WPC: On the Edge
  10. Light and Water (Shine)
  11. Junk Art (Transmogrify)
    • At Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, Chandigarh India
  12. The Number Game
  13. WPC: The Magic of Life
    • How life refuses to give up
  14. WPC: Green – The Color of Life
  15. WPC: True Blue
  16. WPC: Relax
  17. WPC: Unlearn and Relearn
    • Some thoughts and some quotes
  18. WPC: What’s your Choice
    • Which do you like better – sunrise or sunset?
  19. WPC: In Anticipation
    • An elephants waits…
  20. WPC: Que Sera Sera
    • A personal favorite, if i may say so myself 🙂
  21. WPC: Resilient
    • Rickshaw pullers of Kolkata
  22. WPC: The Name Game
  23. WPC: Of Eras Gone By
  24. WPC: Recreate
    • At Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, Chandigarh India
  25. WPC: Solitude
    • Of color and perception
  26. WPC: Shadows
  27. WPC: Out of the World
    • Veiled Rebecca at the Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad
  28. WPC: A Sound Idea
    • The acoustics at Golconda fort, Hyderabad.
  29. WPC: I Wish
    • A prayer
  30. WPC: While I was Walking
    • Caught while I was out walking
  31. WPC: Top of the World
  32. WPC: A Dense Collection
  33. WPC: Security
  34. WPC: Summer Surprises
  35. WPC: Harmony
    • Captured on camera – communal harmony
  36. WPC: Earthy Matters
    • The many hues of the humble earth
  37. WPC: Come Let’s Wander
    • Glimpses of Puducherry and some beautiful trees and greens
  38. WPC: Some More Reflections
  39. WPC: An Orderly Lot
  40. WPC: Change of Season
    • When it was raining cats and dogs..
  41. WPC: Of Textures and Blooms
    • Also an attempt to wax eloquent on survival skills of nature
  42. WPC: Gratified and Delighted
    • Thanks to generous friends and fellow bloggers for sharing their photos
  43. WPC: Monsoon
  44. WPC: Waiting…
    • A fun post – at least I like to think so 🙂
  45. WPC: Windows
    • Not a bad collection, perhaps you may just like 😉
  46. WPC: Sneak Peek
    • Why dont you drop in have a look?
  47. WPC: Temporary
    • Of all things temporary 😉
  48. WPC: Sky High
    • A gorgeous sunset
  49. WPC: Some Singular Snaps
    • Some magical and mysterious photos 😀
  50. WPC: Weathered but not Withered
    • Photos mixed and matched with thoughts and quotes.
  51. WPC: When Silence Speaks
    • Photos and quotes of when silence speaks volumes
  52. WPC: A Loving Family
    • Just some langurs out on a family picnic and sightseeing
  53. WPC: St. Patrick’s Day
    • An armchair view of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin
  54. WPC: Life Lines
    • Like someone said random but relevant post
  55. WPC: Twisted Nature
    • A personal favorite

Daily Post’s Weekly Discover Challenge

  1. Moo Point
    • A story that unfolded right in front of me – captured on camera
  2. Life and Death
    • Exploring my surroundings
  3. The Joy of Little Things
    • Just some of my favorite photos

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