Chapter 169: ASR Reminisces

About 2 years ago continued

Not content with chewing her lips, Khushi nibbled her fingers, 10-15 days away! But he was right, coming and going again in such a short while would be so taxing not to mention expensive, and it would do him a world of good to relax by the sea, he worked too hard as it is, haan yehi theek rahega, let him have his deal and he would get some enforced rest with no Aman to nag him every other minute with some crisis or the other. Besides, if she went along with him, she could take care of him, make sure he took care of his health, got the much needed rest.

He sighed, “Rehne do Khushi, tum nahi chal paogi, tumhare commitments, itne din tum kaise spare kar paogi mere liye,” he shook his head, “Dekho I am perfectly fine and you forget I have been through his before, I know how to handle a crisis…”

“Haan haan pata hai, pata hai,” Khushi showed him the hand, “Dekh rahein hain kaise crisis manage karte hain aap, tab bhi,” she pointed to the past, “aur abhi bhi” she pointed to the present, “I am coming and that is final, but,” she nibbled her lips as she thought aloud, “Ramiya can manage AKC, though I will tell her not to take up any new contracts in the meanwhile, there is one important party next week, I will just go and brief her about that; routine catering, I am not really worried about as that can pretty much run on its own, but the finances, how to manage that, though all our raw material is supplied through rate contract by a supplier but she may need money for some contingencies, how much should I give her?”

Arnav looked at her stunned that was all it took! She wasn’t rethinking, she was just planning ahead, she was willing to come along with him, no insisting on going along, he swallowed and cleared his throat, “You could tell her to take how much ever she needs, after giving an itemized bill to Aman, and she could also call up Aman in case of any other issue and he can call me as your phone won’t be working over there.”

She nodded her head satisfied, “Yeah, great thanks, that would be best, aap theek toh hai na?” she asked him still worried, “I need to go to AKC, handover the keys to Ramiya and brief her about our contracts, maybe carry a copy along so that I can keep a check and guide her while I am away.”

Arnav, nodded his head, feeling slightly guilty for worrying her unnecessarily, but the devil in him prompted him further, “Main theek hoon Khushi, but what will you say to the others, aise achanak mere saath Mauritius ja rahi ho, Mami kya sochengi? Mind you, you can’t tell them I am not well!” he warned categorically.

Despite her concern and worry for Arnav, Khushi heart suddenly soared, she felt as if she was flying, she smiled her brilliant smile and spread her hands, “Koi kya bole sakta hai? Sochna hai toh soche, haq hai mera, apne pati ke saath jaa rahi hoon,” her eyes twinkled mischievously and her face glowed with joy, she clicked her fingers, “I will tell them that I am finally going on my honeymoon!” she laughed.

Arnav’s heart was full, he smiled back and unable to hold back, opened his arms, she rushed into them, happier than she had been in weeks, suddenly this felt so right, she was meant to go with him, stupid me, I should have agreed in the beginning itself, Nani sahi kehti hain, sab manage ho jaata hai. She kissed him and hugged him fiercely, “Hum abhi aatein hain, I will tell HP to bring you food, eat it up ok?”

Now that he had gotten his way, feeling generous, Arnav let her go with a nod; in fact Arnav was touched and humbled by the way, when it came to the crunch, with the blink of an eye, Khushi had brushed away all her precious commitments just for him; he felt loved, pampered and supreme, hence the generosity. He smiled happily as he watched her blow a kiss from the doorway before vanishing. His lips twisted, he had never thought that it was possible for him to be so wrong about something and yet be so happy about it. Kya kaha tha Nani ko, ki Khushi ke paas jhagda karne ka time nahi hai to mere saath holiday par kaise jayegi? And today they were finally off to their honeymoon, of course with a bit of arm twisting, he grinned.

Jab Khushi ko pata chalega how he had tricked her, boy would she be mad! He crossed his arms in pleasurable anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see the penny drop.

Arnav had the light meal Khushi had sent up through HP and worked steadily on his laptop and phone, busy tying up loose ends. It was almost 6.30 pm by the time Khushi came rushing back home, feeling frazzled and worried, “Arnav, don’t you think we should visit the doctor, ek baar unse consult toh kar lete, maybe he could again change the medicines and then there would be nothing to worry about?”

“Relax Khushi,” Arnav said, “Kyon itna pareshan ho? Bola na, I have already talked to him, he doesn’t see anything to be worried about. Office se bhi das baar phone kiya, now Ramiya knows what if she lets the cat out the bag? Phir toh sab chale ayenge Mauritius mera haal poochne, including stakeholders!”

“Nahi nahi, Ramiya won’t say anything, I have sworn her to secrecy, woh samajhti hai, aap chinta mat kijiya, nobody will get to know anything, at least not from her,” Khushi was confident about Ramiya.

Suddenly Khushi stiffened and put a hand to her head, “Hey Devi Maiyya, hum toh packing ke baare main bhool hi gaye! I had packed a couple of days stuff for Di’s place and I had thought I would take that as we were going only for a couple of days, but in my rush to organize the office, I forgot! I will need more clothes and stuff for so many days!” she rushed to the cupboard and stood there blankly, she hurriedly randomly began pulling at clothes, muttering, “Hardly anytime left, I wanted to take a shower, say bye to everyone, dinner bhi to khana hai, hey DM kaise hoga yeh sab!”

“Relax Khushi,” Arnav came up silently behind her, “Just take the overnighter that would be adequate…”

“Achcha,” Khushi glared at him, her hand on her hips, she waved to the two rather large cases by the side, “You are taking two cases and I should take an overnighter!”

“Trust me Khushi,” said Arnav with a glint in his eyes, Khushi looked at him suspiciously, what’s with that look, Arnav raised his hand and said hurriedly, “Look Khushi there is hardly anytime, dekho ek kaam karo, just take overnighter, whatever else you need, you can buy from there, no big deal, everything is available there.”

Khushi turned back to the cupboard, “Haan but everything must be so expensive there, imagine going abroad to buy sarees! I have so many as it is,” she rifled through her cupboard searching for suitable clothes, but when Arnav rolled his eyes impatiently, she swiftly pulled out a couple of sarees, he nodded his head approvingly, “Yeah great take these and whatever accessories you need with them and be done with it Khushi, I am warning you we are running short of time and I want to go downstairs in another 20 minutes, be ready otherwise I am leaving, alone.”

Khushi glared at him and hurriedly hunted for the blouses and petticoats, “Aapke bag main jagah hai toh,” she moved towards his cases, but he blocked her way, “No way Khushi, my cases are stuffed no place, take a bigger case if you like,” Khushi looked at him strangely, pata nahi kitna saamaan le kar ja rahe hain aur do saree ke liye bhi jagah nahi hai, hmpph Laad Governor kahin ke.

“Oh Khushi, pack this saree as well,” he handed her a saree of his choice, Khushi was surprised, “Yeh wala! Aapko to red color pasand hai na?”

The glint was back in his eyes as he murmured softly while looking into her eyes, “Oh Khushi but bhool gayee kya, yeh color tum par itna bhi bura nahi lagta?”


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