Long Road to the Mandap

Or the one where Arnav found his Brahmastra

Continuing in the series of an Alternate IPK which is distinct from Khulasa Mami’s version of IPK presenting an alternate version (10 chapters long) of what happened when Arnav and Khushi decided to get married again with proper riti niti rituanz band baja and what not .

It was written at the height of personal frustration when SMJ via Dadi threw yet another spanner into the breathlessly awaited Arnav and Khushi ka real wala wedding. So while Arnav drove off into the darkness, wept bitter tears in his mother’s garden and howled at the Moon, in a bid to deal with the rising acidity and dhak dhak, this version was posted

Although long promised to Anu (who it seems has forgotten or just given up) consider this as an appetizer while the khichdi for Season 2 comes to a slow simmering (pot)boil(er) [we can hope despite knowing subsequent seasons can never match up to the magic of the first season – but try toh karika padi!]

Click here for Chapter 1


Stay well!

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