Hello! I know what you all are thinking – now what 🙂 And you are right! As usual, I am up to no good, poking my nose into stuff that are not my business. But what to do – Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers (photo prompts and 100 word stories) has me hooked. I find it fascinating how a single prompt can inspire such a diverse range of stories – quite remarkable. Anyway I couldn’t quite resist, so here I am with another attempt. But first the prompt.

Copyright Rochelle


Word count – 99

There was a gasp of horror and a crowd gathered.

Help! Someone save her! Mommy, take me along, Mommy I want to swim too! Someone do something! Hurry!

The waves thrash her body dragging her deeper into the ocean. Floating all alone in the sea under the blazing sun. Until the predators arrive one by one, to nibble at her flesh. She lay passive as they swarm all over pecking at her mortal remains.

Unknown hands drag her daughter away. She is alone. Then the predators arrive…

“Mommy?” A hand tugged hers.

Shuddering, she stepped back from the edge.


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For the readers of Moonshine, here’s Chapter 62 and a little something for the fans of Calvin 😀

Quote for the day: “A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.” Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

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39 thoughts on “Thinking…”

  1. That was a fantastic and terrifying story. Beautiful ending, despite all the trauma that led to her having that vision, and allowing her to step back from the edge – and that edge could be literal, or figurative. Perhaps, it’s a nightmare about what she’d experience when she saw her mother being eaten alive? Or is it a futuristic vision preventing her from walking into the ocean, and letting creatures have at her?

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    1. Thanks for dropping in and leaving me a note 🙂 Interesting possibilities there. The way I saw it was the mother was ‘thinking’ about jumping and she visualized the following sequence of events until her daughter’s future tugged her back from the brink…

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      1. That was one of the reasons I liked your story so much – the number of possible interpretations there made it very tasty (that’s probably the wrong word for this context, I guess 🙂 ) !

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  2. Fabulous! the way you could imagine something so wonderful from that lovely picture of waves set to embrace the rocks…so many precious lives would be saved if one deciding for a suicide could have had such visions of the disasters they would be leaving behind when they take that one easy-way-out step. You imagined and expressed it so beautifully!

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  3. I thought I had already commented on this, but just realized that there is another story that has a very similar theme, sorry for the late comment. The concept of the child bringing the parent back from the brink is very powerful. If only everyone who thinks about suicide had such a life-line.

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  4. Wowwwww…. now this is profound thinking!! If a woman can bring such thoughts when at the brink of her tether’s end, then there is still hope!!

    Kudos to you!!!!!!

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  5. Sad but a bitter truth…can be one of the lesson in our kids social books…to make all of us understand that each one of us is important not just for your own self but all the more for the people around us who need us and who are important, thank you sometimes reading something like this can help someone in need of HOPE… GREAT GOING…YOU ARE MAGICAL!!! Kim sends a thanks to you unknowingly….

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