Feet of Clay

Photo (c) Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Feet of Clay

Words 200

“Mom!” Shilpa wailed, “Look at the cake.”

“Don’t worry darling,” Reema consoled, “Layer it with cream and fruits. Your Dad will love it.” She looked at the clock. “Why isn’t Vishal back with the ice cream yet?”

“Won’t Daddy be surprised!?” Shilpa rubbed her hands in glee.

“I was surprised when so many congratulated me!” Reema bustled about. “I felt like a celebrity!”

“He’s the bestest smartest Daddy in the whole world!” Shilpa twirled.

“Vishal!” Reema gasped. “What happened?”

Shirt torn, hair askew, Vishal tottered in.

“Liars!” he spat.


“Everyone! They’re accusing Daddy…”


“…Sexual misconduct at the workplace.”


PS. Not Morgan Freeman! Are there no good men?

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and the beautiful photo prompt. To read the other stories (and participate in the challenge) click here.

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43 thoughts on “Feet of Clay”

  1. Yes isn’t it sad? Bill Cosby was a darling of the USA and most of the world but years later women came forward with stories of sexual harassments. rapes, and more. All over the world women and men are coming forward with terrible experiences at the hand of people they trusted. At least the world is learning about such deeds and is believing the victims. I hope India will also start believing such victims and punish the perpetrators.
    On the other hand, here the sun has gone on holiday and it is cloudy and wet. My Mr.RRB seems to have packed his bags and gone away. New baby squirrels have appeared and taken over the whole garden. They are running around jumping from trees, learning to balance walking on the wooden fence and of course learning to dig up my pot plants.
    Have a great weekend Dahlia.

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    1. Better than that – I am at my Mum’s place, she’s busy cooking my favorites 😀 Thanks Mabel for dropping by – burgers and chips for you! 😀


      1. Usually it is the other way round – too much burger so no place for fries (no! on second thoughts there’s always space for fries 😀 Yes I had my fill at Mum’s and now back and think I left my appetite with Ma 😉


      2. Omg, that is SO true. Too much burger, no place for fries is always me 😦😒 Sometimes I a large fries can easily be a meal for me. Well, there is another weekend ahead and by then I am sure you will have space for burger and fries 😀

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      3. Its too hot for anything other than yogurt and ice cold watermelon (my latest love which has given me a sore throat) 😀


      4. I can’t have yoghurt. It doesn’t agree with me. But definitely love watermelon! Maybe you need more watermelon to take away that sore throat…lol not sure how watermelon can make you sick 😀


  2. Dear Dahlia,

    It seems that sexual harassment abounds and has for some time. How devastating for the family of the offender. And I have to wonder if all the allegations are true. Your story is a timely one.



    PS I had the same reaction to Morgan Freeman, a longtime favorite of mine. 😦

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    1. Thanks Rochelle. Over here we’ve had a spate of suspensions of high ranking officials and i can’t help wonder about their families and their anguish. Morgan Freeman was actually the last straw – all I can think is who’s next?


  3. One’s mind goes to so many revelations, some in which the perpetrator is punished; others in which, because of fame, politics, or money, he gets a slap on the wrist. It’s all ugly.

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  4. I love the way you’ve considered the family of the accused man, and the devastating effect the accusations must have on them. No matter whether he’s guilty or innocent, some of the mud will stick and that will take its toll on his wife and children. That said, it’s even more important to make it possible for victims to come forward safely.
    Good story, Dahlia!

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  5. Such a horrid thing to happen to a family – especially if it is false. That stigma is one that is most difficult to rid oneself of… as for Morgan Freeman… I was so bummed…

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    1. I think i would be happier if it were false! That way at least my conscience would be clear and i am sure the people who mattered would believe me than the witch hunters. Who next I wonder 😦 Thanks Dale for visiting.

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      1. The trouble is that it’s so prevalent. Even I have been harassed. Luckily I’m big and had the confidence to deal with it, but the experience certainly acted as a wake-up call.

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      2. I am so glad to know that and hope that more women have the ability to deal with harassment similarly. Thank you for reading Penny 🙂


  6. A few years ago I saw Morgon Freeman filming on the Second Avenue New York City. There was a crowd of women of all ages calling out to Morgan that they loved him. They wanted to kiss him, take him home and some improper proposition too. He just smiled and just waved back. So I guess if anything happened, many times the women were probably willing. I am not trying to defend him. If it is proved that he committed such crime then he deserves the punishment. Let’s see what happens.
    Good afternoon Dahlia.

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    1. Good evening Ferdi – you do have a point; but it should not be taken as blanket consent, if he did – and I am hoping he didnt. Yet I am fast losing faith in these matters – would love to be proven wrong!

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      1. I agree and I am glad that these days women are taken seriously and they are coming forward and talking about their experiences. And I am definitely not making excuses for M.F. If he went too far and did something unacceptable, then he should be punished.

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  7. Good one…yes opens up a big box of thoughts and issues pertaining to Women …its good to have open eyes…


  8. Its like having two faces, two personalities…. becoming so ugly!! Very sad!!
    The shock factor is very palpable!!

    Can’t relate the story to this pic, … I wonder what was running in your mind then!!

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    1. Actually the topic was weighing on me for quite sometime and that looked like a sort of a dining table in a kitchen, a family, normal family with no clue and then it just sort of fell into place. Make sense?


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