Ornate Doors

This is in response to the Daily Post’s Discover Challenge on Doors. The City Palace (built between 1729 – 1732 AD) at Jaipur, India has these 4 magnificent doorways. The four gates (known as Ridhi Sidhi Pol) are adorned with themes representing the four seasons and Hindu gods.


The Northeast Peacock Gate (with motifs of peacocks on the doorway) representing autumn and is dedicated Lord Vishnu.


The Southwest Lotus Gate represents the summer season and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


The Rose Gate with repeated flower pattern representing winter season and dedicated to the Goddess.


The Northwest Green Gate, also called the Leheriya (or wavy) gate. The greenery represents spring and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

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19 thoughts on “Ornate Doors”

  1. I love doors. I take pictures of doors all the time. They intrigue me, doors opening to freedom, to a beautiful world or doors imprisoning in dark terrifying interior. On the brighter side, I have seen these magnificent portals.

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    1. Wow I never thought of doors like that! And now I will never look at a door in the same way again. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and views. Why dont you open a blog, share your pictures you have trees too! 🙂


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