WPC: Some More Reflections

Rifling through my archives I found a few more where the photo changed my perspective of what I had intended to capture. This is my second submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting. The first one is here.

Family sunI was trying to capture the Sun in the sky and look what I got – a family’s day out on the beach 🙂

PillarsA (tiny) bit wiser, I actually tried to ‘compose’ a shot – probably my first ever. It’s unedited, nope not even cropped. What do you think – did it work?

ColumbusI have to confess I liked the boat more than its reflection. But the greenery is nicely reflected in the water isn’t it?

PeacockMy entire focus was on the peacock but the glass door reflection is just as eye catching don’t you think?

AirportLook! Diamonds on the floor 😀

Thanks for visiting – any favorites, comments, suggestions?

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31 thoughts on “WPC: Some More Reflections”

      1. I think I comment a lot on your blog posts so WP decided to think of me as a spammer 😛

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  1. Beautiful pics, each speaks a louder story. the first piv seems like a Reunion, the second one like shades of past, the boat was Alice in wonderland types and the last picture is beautiful smartly, very nice pics….good job

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  2. I don’t like silhouettes ( I actually feel the glare) . I loved the boat and the diamonds on the floor and you’re right about the peacock . I actually thought you were focusing on the reflection in the windows!

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