WPC: Some Singular Snaps

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to post favorite photos from 2017. I don’t like to play favorites yet there are some photos which stand out from my last trip which I thought could fit the bill. So here they are:

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 7.48.19 pmBirds of a feather separated by a crow 😀


Just watching the traffic go by. They come and go yet

Lonely travelerthe intrepid traveler plods on and on undeterred and unmindful of the swirling traffic.

FrogCaught the Prince charming hiding amongst the shrubbery on a winter night stroll

GardenA dear friend’s blossoming kitchen garden 🙂

Magic eye

Now for some mystery. Notice anything odd about the door? Go on scroll up and have another look, a third if you so wish. Well did you see it? The Magic Eye? Why on earth it it at that height? Perhaps the carpenter was drunk and decided to fix it while lying down? Or do you have a better solution?

LightOkay now for some real magic. Can you see the light on the wall? Duh. Of course you can.

No lightWell can you see it now? Same frame, same place, but no light! Magic isnt it? 😉


This tree was apparently cut down to build a wall. She doesnt much care for the idea does she?


Awaits springAnd finally a cold deary winter morning with the promise of spring. Got my eye on those freshly prepared beds – coming up in just a couple of months 🙂

Cheers to you from 2017 in this New Year with lots and lots of good wishes. Hope you liked!

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14 thoughts on “WPC: Some Singular Snaps”

  1. The mysterious door. The carpenter was definitely drunk. He hung the door upside down. The position of the keyhole and the handle clearly indicates that. As for the magic eye at the bottom! Very useful for the guard dog.He can sit inside by the door and watch out for unsavoury characters including the drasted cat. Grrr….
    Good Night Dahlia.

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      1. Good Morning Dahlia. I can imagine the cat sitting outside preening itself with a grin on its face. I can visualise it purring. meow.
        All pictures are great. The only way I can explain about the two pictures is that they are before and after the light was placed. Or the light is somewhere else in the room and in one photo, it is the reflection making it look like it is on the wall.
        I love the way cows have a way of right on the roads in India. The traffic just manoeuvres around them.No one stops.In the UK there would be a big traffic jam if not a pile-up. The whole police squad would arrive to move the animal off the road.

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      2. Bingo! It is the reflection of the light inside the room. We were also puzzled and hunted around for quite sometime for the switch before realizing 😀 Even I find it fascinating how uncaring and supremely confident the cows are in the midst of traffic 😀

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  2. I didnt know you can do some magic too, but now you have a real test…my daughter is going to test this and will get back to tell you she caught it or not….she is smarter she will get to know

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  3. Dahlia, love love love this post! Your first photo caption made me smile. That crow! And then, traffic – yes. The Prince (frog) was so fun to see. About the peephole in the door, it make me think of a dog viewing the outside. Nonsensical, but there it was. Thank you!

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