WPC: Of Textures & Blooms

Such a lovely word – textures isn’t it? I can almost feel it between my fingers! Or even my lips, on my tongue…oops I forgot! This isn’t an essay on textures but a photo challenge 😀 Without any further ado, here are some of my favorite layered and textured photos.

SunsetSunset at Mumbai – the clouds and the sky come together in a bid to give the even uni-dimensional sky an artistic textured finish to a wonderful day.

MysoreI thought this photo was apt for the topic because of the many textures and layers to it and not just the fine work on the gopuram. And of course I couldn’t resist showing off the perfectly symmetrically branched tree 😀

HutCan you not feel the coarseness of this quaint refuge from the hot sun?

FullSizeRender(1)This is a section of the outer walls of the Amer fort at Jaipur which is meant to keep out the enemy. Yet there’s something beautiful and captivating about it  don’t you think? I wonder if they had specialists who focused on the beautification of ramparts?

KashmirAmazing what H2O can be right? 😀 Flowing water, floating clouds or rock solid ice.

PragueA random click of picturesque Prague. The lighter and darker shades of green, the brick roof, both grey and white clouds in a blue sky – sigh…


Rock flower







it is

a matter




can stop


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23 thoughts on “WPC: Of Textures & Blooms”

  1. Last one shows the resilience of beautiful flowers to survive
    In a difficult terrain
    A lesson for humans from the surroundings
    If only you take the time to see n observe
    Lovely observations n pics

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  2. Beautiful pictures of nature and manmade structures sometimes blending sometimes standing out. In your second picture, I too noticed the beautiful tree with its branches spreading out. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Its difficult and bad to select one among all standing out pics, and all have a different symbolism very beautiful though, ill go with the the water one, its so serene yet loud and screeching, lovely but all …thank you for sharing all off them.

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  4. Oh! I loved the symmetry of that tree in photo #2. In my little experiment on mindfulness last Spring, I discovered that feeling (e.g., textures) can be a good way for me to relax – out of all the senses. I could feel these textures through your photos and your illuminating captions! 🙂

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