WPC: Top of the World

The Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by the Daily Post has thrown up Atop. Taking the literal route, I bring some views from the top.

mtpilatusOn our way up to Mt Pilatus in Switzerland by the cable car, the obdurate spoilsport clouds insisted on obscuring the spectacular view – decided to begin by sharing my frustration 😉

FlowersA bunch of flowers sitting atop a pole as a peace offering 😀

FerrisA view of Vienna from atop the Ferris wheel

PragueA bird’s eye view of the picturesque city of Prague

birdAnd that brings us to the real ‘topper’ – don’t you agree?

Thanks for visiting 🙂

For IPKKND fans and readers of SS - there's a little something from DM's Desk. Do have a look if you are so inclined

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15 thoughts on “WPC: Top of the World”

  1. The eye of that majestic bird did indeed vye for top honour with the birds eye views But there is majesty in both 😉
    Please help me find the missive from DM’s desk, Dahlia.

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