WPC: When Silence Speaks

What does silence look like asks Cheri at the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week. And interesting and tricky question for depending upon the situation and mood, silence can be oppressive, suffocating and a scream of despair. Yet it can also be full of warmth, unspoken yet clearly felt emotions, a comforting blanket, a time to ponder, reflect and just be.

Sunrise“We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.” ― Leonora Carrington

JungleI have never heard a more eloquent silence.” ― Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

The silent wail of the ghosts of slaughtered trees and their mourning relatives waiting for the axe to fall…

FortDoes not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?” ― Lawrence Durrell, Justine

This section of the fort was once the Ladies Apartments (zenani deorhi) where all the kings concubines lived with secret passageways from the King room. A stage set for palace intrigues, high voltage drama, tinkle of bangles, rustle of silks swirling with perfume, silence forever. What do you hear – the a happy contented peacefulness or rife with strife, gloom and melancholy?

Beach“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.” ― John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men

What can one say over and above that?

Backwaters“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Thus it has been for me with still waters, mountains and trees…

WatertankIt’s so stupid because all I wanted was space and now that I have it, there’s this part of me that’s achingly lonely I could die.” ― Hannah Harrington, Saving June

Far from the madding crowd, looking down in greedy disdain…

Field“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ― Ansel Adams

IMG_0158“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” ― Elbert Hubbard

I grew up looking at these mountains and this river the holy Ganga. The mountains were always like this – strong towering, silent only the colors changed with the season and time of day. But the Ganga was never like this. She was bright, clear clean green, sparkling and gurgling as She tripped over stones and boulders, gushing and frothing as she danced on her way down from the mountains, singing us to sleep. Each and every day. Without fail.

And then one day, she fell silent. Enchained and enslaved, forever silenced to serve the needs of others, bloated with detritus, armed with fortitude and restraint, she renounced her carefree days of song and dance.

Yet, can you not hear her scream through the deafening silence?

Well, what does silence mean to you? Speak up, be not silenced, ever…

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13 thoughts on “WPC: When Silence Speaks”

  1. these are wonderful and so many possible meanings of silence, Dahlia. I´m very impressed by your post! Those who do not understand your silence can learn to understand it, as well as your words. If there is the wish!
    Silence can mean anything, and after you are at the mercy of it, you have to learn to handle it and find your own truth, for no explanation is provided.
    This own truth is sure to change daily as we change ourselves. At the moment I see it as a “rest”. The environment is fast and our thoughts often do not come along at this speed, so it may be a caring. But silence calls us on the other side very much. As much as we longed for some rest, so much can the feeling of loneliness awaken.

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    1. Thanks Anie enjoyed seeing your perspective of silence as rest. Very intriguing and revealing. There was a time in my life when my ambition was just to sit and stare into space, undisturbed.

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      1. ohh, no I never had this ambition to stare into the room. Well, my answer was not entirely correct when asked what the silence looks like. I have to deal with the silence and she feels oppressive and it sounds like a cry of desperation. It is depression that spreads in me and I understand it quite as a sign. Figuratively, I stand on a high springboard in the swimming pool and behind me is a line of waiting children, waiting for me to finally jump. The silence is the invisible hand that push me from the springboard.
        I want to jump and I can do it, but unfortunately the jump is not enough at all and I know that very well.
        When I write it is a pause, I thought that I could use this silence as a break, because the time before the silence was also exhausting for me. But I think the break never ends anyway. When there is silence, the noise comes from the second row ….: (…than frome the third row….etc. as long as all noises fades and no hope is left anymore.


  2. Silence is haunting but these pics are so beautiful in depicting silence that it gives another depth agin….silence of a beach, can make you hear the water flowing, the silence of the shore can make you hear the hustle of clouds…the silence of the trees can make you see them chattering among themselves in whispers, like playing the game…the silence of the water tank makes you feel the strength of her being looked upon by the peers lying low…..silence can be more loud than a scream at times…..
    I understand so well wat SILENCE is….
    A very moving pack of photos…

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