WPC: Solitude

Solitude is a state of being alone without feeling lonely. Solitude is something I crave and find uplifting and relaxing – a state which, to me at least, is almost akin to meditation. The freedom to think or not – the freedom to just be. The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge theme is about solitude and hence this outburst 😉

Anyway, hunting through my archives, I found this picture which seemed to fit the bill.  Fooling around with the photo, I was reminded of a discussion I had with Ravens regarding BW and color photographs.

I thought I had interesting results with this photo.

bw-benchDoesn’t this picture evoke a sense of loneliness and despair? Of waiting? If only someone would come and say hello?

park-bench-2 Yet, doesn’t this scene speaks of utter contentment and relaxation? It is as if the bench is soaking up the sunshine and a few brief moments of blissful respite from the burdens that he knows are sure to come his way all too soon.

I wonder if you agree with me? Or am I being too fanciful? Do let me know which one you like better. I would love to know about your thoughts on the matter…

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24 thoughts on “WPC: Solitude”

  1. I like the BW image more, Dahlia. It seems to protect my solitude. The color one seems to beckon everyone to join me. Not what I want in solitude. Perhaps we’re both being fanciful? lol 😉 xoM

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  2. I liked them both. I saw the BW one before being able to see the colour version, and like Margarita, prefer it. I saw peace, a quiet place to reflect. The colour version with its brightly coloured bench had echoes of the fairground, though it was an attractive picture in its own right.

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  3. The BW one is like the kind of solitude that recharges you after the world has effectively drained you out. And the colour in the next one seems sunny, a day you are happy to be just alive and bask in the glory of life, doesn’t matter if you are alone in your contentment. I love both.

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  4. Solitude is something I crave too and very rarely get. See what BW does? It’s crazy! Two different perceptions of the same photo. The BW looks like the sad past, the one you can’t reach but is there and the color one is all happy sunshine. I find myself liking BW one as always.

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    1. Yes it is crazy how much difference color can make! Interesting that you still like the BW one 😉 Thank you for the engaging discussion which prompted this post 🙂


  5. I fully agree – the color one is jubilant and the one with the mono filter has the despair – and the crooked angle of the bench is felt even more – so an imbalance is felt. The crooked vibe is lost in the green grass in color version….

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    1. While I did see the point the others made about the greater scope of solitude and reflection in the BW photo but I couldnt quite get rid of the association with despair and desolation. And your point about the crooked angle is so right – it completely escaped me. But so obvious now 🙂

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      1. well I guess that in many of Vincent van Gogh’s pieces – the crooked lines sometimes later were viewed to indicate some of his physical imbalance… if that makes sense.
        because he had paint toxicity – stds – and just physically was “off”
        so I guess that might be what I thought of with the bench in the colored photo –
        and here is one of Vincent’s rooms –

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  6. The BW one does seem to pass a sad air around, whereas the bright one appears to be remembering the good memories… the message behind both is felt well..

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