WPC: A Loving Family

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is dearly beloved. I was rather stumped until I remembered capturing a precious family which would nicely fit this challenge.

TreeNo! The focus is not on the tree (not this time at least 😀 but on the residents. Well did you see them?

newbabyMamma nurses her precious baby while she chomps on some ill-gotten gains from some generous (or hapless) visitor.

Baby2Fed, the little one emerges from her mother’s arms while they continue to gossip. The other lady looks a bit displeased at her friend’s poor hospitality skills – but then she’s nursing – she consoles herself. Don’t miss the tail. Even the baby’s tail is longer than it!

TwoAt another place, two friends sit in silent contemplation of man’s vagaries and idiosyncrasies.

FamilyThe entire family obligingly posed for a group photo against a spectacular background. But they had their conditions – only the right profile please 😉

These photos were taken at the Chittorgarh fort near the Vijay Stambh. As a bonus I am re-sharing the langurs captured at the Amer Fort, in Jaipur a couple of years ago.

Jaipur1Waylaying unsuspecting visitors

Jaipur2inspecting the confiscated goods before starting of on yet another raid 😀

That’s it from me for this challenge – do share your thoughts 🙂

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