WPC: Recreate

The theme for the Daily Post’s photo challenge this week is repurpose – recycling or re-purposing an object into a clever new use. Well to tell the truth, I am not clever enough to do anything of the sort. But I am clever enough to know and click works of amazing people who are expert at this art 😉

The first to come to mind is of course Nek Chand of Chandigarh’s world famous Rock Garden.

archwayAn arched path in the garden – notice the material it is made of?

archway2Broken light fixtures – ingenious isn’t it?

entranceAnother gateway – made of broken crockery

dollbangleDolls made of broken glass bangles. Married women wear colorful glass bangles particularly in North India. Nek Chand collected heaps of broken glass bangles and created not only rows and rows of dolls but also peacocks and other decorative items for his rock garden.

stoneMoving on, here’s a table lamp fashioned out of a piece of stone – beautiful isn’t it?

threadAnd finally, isn’t it fascinating how just a few colored strings can be re-purposed into almost anything in the hands of the right one – like that of the Officially Amazing Crochet Queen, Svkuki.

Thank you for visiting and do let me know your favorite re-purposing 🙂

For readers of MS, here's Chapter 118 and for fans of IPK and readers of SS - A Tangled Web - 3

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11 thoughts on “WPC: Recreate”

  1. Dahlia, this was such a fun “travelogue” of re-purposed materials! I liked how you asked the reader, what is the arch made of … and then showed the broken light fixtures up close! The figures made of bangles was really fun. Nice!

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