Colored B/W Pics

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge topic for this week is Opposites. And I couldn’t resist posting these photos which are colored but turned out to be black and white! Have a look 🙂

Hovering over an overcast Mumbai
Can’t make out where the sky ends and the sea begins. The dark bits are the green cover, I think
Torrential rains greet us – yellow the only color
But for the red and white it could be a pure black and white pic – dont you think?
Here it is the strips of red, blue, white and yellow to dispel the illusion of a B/W pic

So what do you think? Did it work, any you like? Do let me know!

Thanks for visiting and have a super weekend 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Colored B/W Pics”

  1. Did these scenes look more colorful to the naked eye? Or were they splashed with a single hue as the camera recorded? I’m trying to imagine what a primitive person might have thought seeing only one color remaining in the rain. Would that color be thought sacred? Would they think the rain had washed away all the rest?

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    1. That’s an interesting question Sue because after I clicked it I was surprised to see a BW picture. Clearly You didn’t ‘see’ it as a BW image. And your observation how it could be viewed in is thought provoking. Thanks for your comments

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  2. I Loved the last picture, the black and white thought was so beautiful, actually looks like a photoshopped one, but the red colour seems to be superimposed, lovely pics


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