WPC: On the Edge

Nature’s fine balancing act


Inspired, man sculpts his homage to the Creator

Edge 2.jpg

Malayavanta Hill, Hampi, a village and temple town in Karnataka, India recognized as a UNESCO, World Heritage Site.

For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Do drop in a little later for a glimpse of the Onam festivities and tomorrow for the much delayed Story Club. Since there are no takers as of now, I have chosen Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer. If you like you can post your own review for the story and share. Or simply read up and drop in for a bit of discussion. Until tomorrow then!

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 84.And Calvin sure knows how to get a free meal.

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6 thoughts on “WPC: On the Edge”

  1. One wonders when it would fall off its edge, but I don’t think it will ever. There is one gaint rock in Mahabalipuram, perched on a slope and it is called “Krishna’s butter ball”. We can walk underneath it… quite an imposing figure but yet beautiful!!

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