Clouds Galore

Hello everyone! I am back again with some photos of clouds – remember On Top of the World? Yes well in my defense, this in response to the Daily Post’s prompt Clouds. And these are fresh clouds – not just any fresh clouds but the monsoon clouds – on which almost everything in India is dependent on. About 75% of India’s annual rainfall occurs during the monsoons – between June and September. Oops does that sound too much like a geography class? Anyhow, Delhi is usually the last to get the rains and we often ‘hear’ about the rain lashing this city or that much before we actually get to experience it. But for me the real wonder is to experience contrasts in a matter of hours.

Last weekend we took a trip to Mumbai which is heavily monsooned at the moment and… Hey! How about joining me on a quick trip from Delhi to Mumbai 🙂 Seated? Belted? Off we go!

Delhi Airport – a bit hazy but cloudless


Scattered clouds
Take off into scattered clouds
On the clouds
Ultra clean cottony clouds – stuff of fairy tales
The plot clouds thicken


Even caught a rainbow over the clouds!
Engulfed by the monsoon clouds
Over Mumbai
The clouds yield and let us emerge over Mumbai

Terra firma

Rain lashed Mumbai – don’t miss the heavily overcast sky

So how did you like the trip? Do let me know 🙂 And for those of you who like pics and missed it – there are two more that I posted yesterday – Oddball and Walk

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23 thoughts on “Clouds Galore”

      1. I found the post, but then found that there were many links – is moonshine broken uno into chapters? well I think I can get to chapter 1 – sorry – mightn’t be a good challenge for me afterall….
        but the calvin comic was fun and I enjoyed looking at your other posts – you have a lot of nice energy D – 🙂
        and you love literature and photos – that is pretty win win!

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  1. Dahlia… when I see your pics, I felt you would enjoy my blog… If interested do let me know… Its in its nascent stages but the pics if you click on them enlarges and I am sure you’ll enjoy…

    Liked by 1 person

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