WPC: Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! How have you been? Sorry to have been MIA – too many things happening. Pollution levels haven’t helped and I seem to be floundering in a haze of unformed fleeting thoughts and ideas. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t believe me? Have a look.

TunnelScene at 5.30 pm

IMG-20171108-WA0003And this is the most popular meme doing the rounds these days


Although I have to admit this is my personal favorite. Anyway I seem to be rambling more than usual. I intended to post some pictures related to last week’s Daily Post’s challenge Peek. But then I guess these gave you a peek into my mind 😀 But if you are still up to it, here are the ones that I had originally intended to post but never got the time to do so.

KidAren’t we all like the little boy peeking curiously at the world around us, trying to make sense and often unsuccessfully.

SunrayA ray of sun peeks out through the clouds (not smog!) at the foothills of the Himalayas.

TreesunThe Sun plays peek-a-boo with the tree

Short treeThe tiny tree peeks out from behind the taller cousins

SquirrelSafe in the arms of Mother Nature, the squirrel peeks out

DanceA sneak peak into a folk dance – colorful ladies

Dance2and their counterparts


Okay so now I am off to grab a coffee and breakfast – care to join me? I’m waitin 😉

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32 thoughts on “WPC: Sneak Peek”

  1. I feel for /you, suffering in fog. You might like to read my Fog Story from Manchester 1952. intrepidoptimist.com/2017/10/08/sir-thomas-the-great-smog-and-i/

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  2. Good Morning Dahlia. Like Delhi smog London fog used to be notorious.(famous). Now it is a very rare occurrence. it is a lovely morning but cloudy. It appears one of my squirrels has absconded into your picture. Looking for the hidden stash of nuts I guess.The Blackbird has made an appearance but no sign of Mr Robin Redbreast yet.But did have two parrots visiting garden and feasting on the apples.
    Loved the picture of the sun peeking through the leaves. Hmm.. the cafe Artika looks very inviting. I would join you but I have to to to my Mosaic making class.
    Have a good day.

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      1. Mosaic making is a lot of fun. Nice hobby to take up. Using bits of coloured glass. Porcelain, stones, tiles you can make lovely designs, anything from a simple rangoli to Mona Lisa. I only managed to make a tile with a picture of a flower and a Bee after a lot of arguments with my tutor for not following rules. She gave up and called me a rebel and I took it as a compliment. Now I do as I please.

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  3. Haha, two days and you say you are MIA! 😀 For you that is MIA because you post most other days! I have been MIA for so long I don’t even know how long I’ve been away 😀

    The pollution does look bad. It looks like the kind you have to wear mask to go out and keep your windows at home shut. I suppose in India, if you don’t have air-con inside…you got to use fan to keep cool. I hope you had a good coffee and breakfast. No burger for me lately. I have been good 😀

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    1. I realized that it was only two days after I posted it 😀 I do post frequently and even if I dont, at least I draft something. But i had been traveling so I hadnt posted or written and hence the self-declared MIA 😀 Writing well-researched non-fiction and exhaustive articles are time consuming isnt it?

      Pollution seems a bit better today but still pretty bad. The weather has cooled down significantly and we dont require any fan, a light shawl is needed in the mornings and evenings – one of the few good weather months of Delhi but for the pollution. No fries for me either. 😀 Have some from my side this weekend 😉 Have a super weekend 🙂


      1. Hehe, maybe we should all start getting worried if Dahlia doesn’t post on here once every two or three days 😀 As a non-fiction writer, I do understand how all that research can wear you down, making you want to run far, far away 😀

        No fries for me over the last weekend either. But there was homemade bacon mashed sweet potato 😀

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      2. If I could I would post everyday but then that would be an overdose and make everyone run far, far away 😀
        During the course of my career I have written several academic careers and I find referencing terribly tedious-probably why I like fiction so much 😀
        Maybe some fries and burger over the weekend 😉


      3. I would love you to post every day and would love to keep up, but it will be impossible given how busy life is 😞 Hehe, so you have touched upon academic before 😀

        No, no burger and fries this weekend from the looks of it 😀

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      4. All my professional life i have written academic articles (backed up by solid data and previously published workds) and now I am freaking out so to speak – ahh the freedom of rambling 😉 😀
        I intend to have burger and fries this weekend fingers crossed!

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      1. Oh! Mabel, I’ve got a blog post of yours to read that I’ve been “saving up,” so never fear, I’ll be on your blog soon as well! Yes, I have also been blog-MIA (for about 10 days or so) – probably the longest absence in posting I’ve had in quite a while. But I also notice when others have been absent it’s even better when I see their posts return. So, I’ve decided not to be concerned about my absence either! – And yesterday I finally got back to reading my circle of “daily digest” bloggers, happily. There is an interesting rhythm to reading a sequence of posts all at once rather than one day at a time, and I’m enjoying that! 🙂 (I tell myself, ha!)

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      2. It is lovely to see bloggers come back after a while. It’s like seeing a good friend after so long. But aren’t we all friends here in the blog world 🙂 Very kind of you to want to catch up ❤ Looking forward to reading more of your writing reflections soon 🙂

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