WPC: Change of Season

For this week’s photo challenge – Delta, we are to share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.

What better than the first shower of monsoon – symbolizing the end of a blistering summer and the beginning another cycle of sweltering humidity 😀

Rain2Can you see the white longitudinal streaks? Did you think those to be marks on a dirty window pane? No! The window was wide open. Those are the thick ropes of rain – the first monsoon shower in Delhi. The gentleman in white seems to have been taken by surprise. Or perhaps he took advantage of his mom’s absence 😉 😀


the trees emerge

squeaky clean

Thanks for visiting – have a super day 🙂


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26 thoughts on “WPC: Change of Season”

    1. That is a nice way of putting it. Plus the monsoons are pretty relentless and endless. It just goes on and on. Silently. Lightning can be seen but true monsoon is not accompanied by thunder. Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving a note🌹


  1. Lovely picture, and words, Dahlia. Came by via the #WATWB Blogfest list you’ve signed up for– hope to see a post from you soon– it is just a badge and a link. Any help needed, please feel free to reach out to me.

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      1. I posted the link on the linky took on your page – it’s number 71. Hope that’s okay, really appreciate your help and interest 🙂


    1. Rain is pretty camera shy and rarely show up. At first I thought i had forgotten to open the window before clicking the pic 😀 it was really raining cats and dogs 😉


      1. Aww 😀 I didn’t know I was missed. I would have returned sooner but terrible internet connection. I have been well, what about you? Vacations were so good (even though I didn’t get to travel to Thar) I didn’t want to back.

        Did you get to travel anywhere?

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      2. Glad you had a good time and poor internet connection is probably all for the best! Nah I have been stuck and shuttling between home and office 😦 Not counting my flights of fancy of course 😉 Cheers

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  2. Great picture.The thick rope of water seems to come from the roof gutter where the rainwater collects before pouring down.
    I have mixed feelings about the Indian Monsoon downpour. The initial euphoria always gave in to homesickness. Many a day the rain did not stop and flooded the campus ground making it difficult to move from one building to another.
    The rain has given a bath to the trees and they look clean, fresh and gleaming.

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