WPC: Security

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge wants us to share ‘a’ photo of something that represents security. Initially, I couldn’t think of a single photo that would fit the theme but then I ended up with four of them! Unwilling to play favorites, risking life and limb, discarding all thoughts of personal security I decided to post all them 😀

HelmetDoesn’t this look like a soldier’s helmet and rifle?

GuardA ‘real’ security guard – don’t miss the flowers in her hair and the red painted toenails 🙂

CatI snapped this photo of the kitty from behind the security of the barred gate 🙂


Taadaaa – Heights of e-security! Back up of back ups! And would you believe it – I still end up disconnected. Oh well…

Here’s wishing you all a safe (e and otherwise;) secure future!

Do let me know which one is your favorite 🙂

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 130

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15 thoughts on “WPC: Security”

      1. 😀😀😀
        My mom has two phones . One is to play wordament (my old smartphone) and the other is basic nokia. 😀

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  1. The last picture has made me feel so proud of your mum, Tech lady….she can embarass the younger generation…Who said there is nothing in this world you cant learn, and age is no bar is the moral of the picture…

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  2. That tree resembling the helmet of a soldier is amazing. And the other pics are apt for the theme too.
    PS : I cant navigate to see your A to Z 2017 posts.

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    1. Thanks Shilpa 🙂 I am afraid I am not participating in this year’s A to Z challenge but I am happy to visit new blogs, hoping to learn something and make some new friends too 🙂


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