WPC: Windows

I am a ‘bit’ behind in my photo challenges but since I had them sorted I insist on posting them. The weekly photo challenge topic last week was Windows and here’s my selection – hope you like. 🙂

WpubWindows come in all shapes and sizes, with or without balconies and serve all kind of  purposes.

ArtAs a showcase for art


AirportOr marvel at the thick clouds rolling in from the mountains and wonder if your flight will be on time or perhaps even take off…

RiverAnd then when the flight does take off, fret – why are all the rivers dry?

TrainYet, nowadays I find it more fun to look at windows rather than through windows.

Airport WindowThe distorted images remind me of the masks and facades we wear all the time, sometimes even to our own selves.

MeltdownBecause of which we often miss the imminent meltdown until it is too late

Train rainWallowing in our own selves, our vision blurred by our own tears we can no longer appreciate the beauty of the world that has been gifted to us.

Crack wIt is up to us if we wish to focus on the crack, the skew, the distortion or the serenity of the mighty Ganga as she flows steady and sedate ready to meet her destiny and lose her self in the Bay of Bengal.

ReflectionSometimes it is imperative to draw the curtains on our own self and look beyond the self.

W cleanersWe must appreciate and count our blessings as we look out into the world secure and safe while others hang by a thread just so that their bellies are a little bit fuller.

But it is just possible that the overdose of philosophy may have made your life a tad bit more difficult and depressing. 😦

In that case there is only one thing to do…

ShoppingPut on your most comfortable pair of shoes and go for a bit of window shopping! 😀 But wait, why just window shop? While out, loosen your purse strings, spend some dough and spread some cheer this festive season 🙂

Thank you for visiting – have a great weekend!






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28 thoughts on “WPC: Windows”

  1. Good Morning. Loved the collection of the windows .Looking in or looking out gives a different perspective of life. The reflection on the glass windows often shows distorted view. The crack in the window showed another dimension to the flow of the mighty Ganga. Feels as if the river is going round the bend hurrying to its final destination.
    Love window shopping during festivals as the shopkeepers dress their windows to attract people to go in and buy the goods. So much shopping to do … Colours for the rangoli. Diyas for lighting during Diwali and getting new clothes for festivals.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. culture-social rich photos so I am glad you still posted – esp. if they were sorted there already – I love the airport one – wondering about flights and whatnot – and the window cleaners in action…. you are right – we should count our blessings

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Gosh, I LOVE these, Dahlia! You really uplifted me with your photos and your observations. I especially liked the raindroppy one….! but they are all really fun – and different!


  4. Lovely pictures….i always love the way you reflect a different picture altogether of anything and everything…you give a special touch to it….make it so special, lovely windows…….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loved all of them…the distorted reflections added a new perspective especially the one that looked like a meltdown and your genius thoughts made them all alive

    Liked by 1 person

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