The Fairest of them All

Made of imported Belgian glass at the Sheesh Mahal or Glass Palace at Amer Fort, India:


Intricate and designer pattern no doubt but doesn’t quite fit into the challenge theme does it? Let’s go in for a close up. Follow me 😉

Mirror 2

See it? Curious? Lemme piece it together for you:


And a bonus picture of the Jal Mahal at Jaipur India

Jal Mahal

For the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 82.



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7 thoughts on “The Fairest of them All”

  1. These are beautiful, absolutely captivating! Something straight out of fairytale. Though the name Sheesh Mahal reminds me of a certain dark brooding hero 😉

    Are all these clicks by you, dahlia?

    Also, I was wondering if it’s factual that Sheesh Mahal is in Lucknow (is this the same glass castle they were referring to in the show? or sheesh mahal was just a name given to their ancestral home? I’m confused.)

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    1. Yes I did click these photos and Amber Fort is stunning. Sheesh Mahal or Glass Palace is a palace studded with mirrors and is not only present in the Jaipur fort but also at Lucknow and Agra among others. I believe our brooding hero’s ancestors built a copy and named it Sheesh Mahal 😉


      1. Oh I thought he was some sort of royalty 😀 thanks for sharing btw. I loved the pictures, they are utterly beautiful! Sheesh Mahal must have some story/history associated to it (Im intrigued and will google.) Do you get to travel often?

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