WPC: Gratified and Delighted

Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog would know that I am rather partial to trees and that is putting it mildly 😀 My obsession is common knowledge among friends and family so whenever and wherever they go they never forget to share photos of trees. I feel blessed, overwhelmed and more than satisfied at their warm gesture and for taking time out in the midst of their work and pleasure trips. Here I share some photos from my collection of enchanting trees from near and far.

I hope you too will like them 🙂


My friends sneaked off to the hills without telling me 😦 But then came the photos – what were you thinking BS? Tall and slim like these trees? In our next lives for sure 😉


We are more like this one – grounded and juggling a lot of pies 😉 😀 Cheers


Now for some trees from Sri Lanka – thanks Ruma 🙂 Coconut shells form a decorative earthen pot for the plant. But later it is completely absorbed into the earth.


Then there’s this unruly wild child of the forest


The tree turns into a convenient display spot for attractive and fascinating masks

IMG-20170425-WA0011How could I forget these majestic beauties from Darjeeling and the unique angle – thank you Jyotsna 🙂

ChristmasALet’s move on a bit farther to Germany. My cousin sent these stunning trees. Have a look


A veritable feast for the eyes


I just love this photo – don’t you?


Time for a change!


My cousin found this mottled beauty along the road. Doesn’t it look as if she is leaning back on a push swing and any moment she is going to take off?

SnowSBlue blue skies and snow clad trees also from Germany shared by Svkuki 🙂

MassivePThere’s this massive one from Dublin snapped by my sister while on an educational trip there.

HairyPA hairy one and quite unapologetic too!

TwoPIs that two trees or one? Oh what does it matter – there’s just one like you, muaahh

A huge thank you to all you lovely people for being so generous with your time and keeping me in your thoughts – do keep them flowing 😉

Have a super week ahead 🙂


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28 thoughts on “WPC: Gratified and Delighted”

  1. Each one can be fitted well enough for ramp modeling…lovely unique pics, all thanks to you to let us view the fashion show without buying any tickets…. tress are such good healers …thank you Dhals….


  2. Maybe your friends left you alone and went off hiking themselves because they knew you’d stay behind with your tree friends and never come back 😀 So many lovely trees in the photos. Who is that beautiful girl smiling with the tree in the last photo 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friends went off because they knew I would be too lazy to go along 😀 And like you said, if I did, i would just hang around with the trees 😉 They are beautiful arent they? So calm and composed. I feel an immense sense of peace by just looking at them. That beautiful girl is my sister – and no she doesnt look anything like me. We often teased her that we found her in the dustbin 😉 😀


      1. Lol too lazy! Hehehe. That would probably be me too preferring to laze around 😀 Your sister is surely beautiful with that amazing smile. You are probably right. that you don’t look like her. You look a million times more beautiful 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful trees and indeed they must have so many stories to tell. They look so wise and knowledgeable
    Thanks for getting us to realise the beauty of trees

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Romancing with trees is a good idea. …………………………..
    Lovely lessons for life ……………………….
    Your wish take or leave it …………………………..
    Me here to stay …………………………
    As long as possible …………………………

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh! A kindred soul 🙂 Even I click tree photos wherever I go and my blog is littered with tree photos 😀 I saw so many lovely trees on the journey this weekend – wish I could have stopped the train… 😉


  5. The whole collection is just ‘wow’…as I was scrolling down I would decide yeah! this is is my most favourite and then comes the next and my decision kept on changing…the hairy one seems to be a peculiar kind but that makes it beautiful too…loved the pic with the reflection(just an orange dot) in the water…the arrangement with the coconut shell is something so unique, so nature friendly….and what was the princess planning after the photo shoot?…climbing the wines(clinging to the majestic trees) to reach the palace up in the skies😉

    Liked by 1 person

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