WPC: While I was Walking

Would you like to take a walk with me? Come along then, the weather is just perfect!

lodhiWould you like a stroll through the woods?

machanOr perhaps by the mighty Ganges?

fortBut to get the real feel, let’s walk the streets

Dogs.jpgAnd it wasn’t even Sunday 😀

tanker2Tree on a water tanker, albeit a broken down one. Growing on just air and water. Amazing where a tree can grow right?

tanker1I had to come back for a second closer look. Almost fooled us (and you) there 😉

truckOMG I wonder if the workers are expected to walk up the  ramp? I hope not…

the-road-takenThis one is rather special for it is one the rare photographs my son has deigned to share with us (after being prompted of course) on his first trip alone to an unfamiliar city.

I don’t usually link to multiple challenges but I am rather tired after all that walking 😉 So I am linking to Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge The Road Taken and Cee’s Which Way Challenge. And since all good things come in threes – Becca’s Sunday Trees – 277.

Appreciate your company on this stroll around the country – hope you aren’t too tired to leave me a note 😉

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