CFFC: Just Becoz I O U

Yep! That’s Cee’s fun foto challenge this week – must have the letters O and U. A toughie but let me see what I can come up with…

Wispy cloudsA bright sunny day to perfectly show off those wispy clouds. That? Oh that’s the SchΓΆnbrunn Palace, Hofburg Vienna πŸ˜€

PIPNot even a picture of mountains is safe from the evil eye of the concrete jungle.

MoutainsLet’s feast our eyes on some real mountains πŸ™‚


The ghostly remnants of a building where ghouls freely roam about – day and night. Well at least I like to think so πŸ˜‰

SnoutAnd look what I found – a tree snout! Looks hungry (and cute) doesn’t it?


CouchWould you like to rest for a bit on the couch by the big black and white dog? Don’t worry it won’t bite πŸ˜‰

Boating copyRow row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily for life is but a dream πŸ˜€

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CFFC: Colors of S

How many colors do you know that begin with S? Scarlet comes to mind, perhaps Silver but then the mind draws a blank. But why worry when Google is at hand right? So armed with help from the internet I attempt to rise to Cee’s challenge of photos with colors beginning with S.

And here we go:

CactiBy the roadside, a triple bonanza – sandy brown earth, school bus yellow cacti and safety orange flowers πŸ˜€

Scarlett sign

A scarlet sign. I somehow found the sign terribly amusing – Emergency exit to Human Evolution!

Safron liftA saffron frame to an ancient lift

Salmon tileA nanny trying to feed a toddler playing on salmon tiles


Sandy brown wall hangings

SculptureA sandy brown sculpture from ancient times

SlateA slate grey sculpture of Devi Durga as she destroys Mahishasura

Silver peacockA peacock with an intricately designed silver tail

Silver scarletA silver scarlet monster contraption at the airport

Light fixA safety orange light fixer on the roads of Delhi

ParrotA shamrock green monster parrot

Hope you liked my selection of S colors! Have a super day.


Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful fresh happy and healthy New Year. Like this tree may nothing faze you or get you down!

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you thought



be able

to make it



CFFC: Some Quick Quirky Ones

Just in time for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – well I’m going to pretend I am anyway πŸ˜‰ A challenging challenge as usual – photos have to have the letter Q in them and the grey cells got ticking only just now πŸ˜€ For quite a while I felt all hazy and unclear, and couldn’t see the way ahead

Opaque landscapeMuch like this opaque foggy or is it smoggy landscape

BouquetThen as the mist cleared I found this bouquet of trees – isnt it a lovely arrangement?

EquineRejuvenated we went to the Kolkata museum and admired the equine sculpture, though I do wonder why it looks so sad. Perhaps it is just exhausted, like I was

ConquerAfter the archeological exhibits I gave up and collapsed on the bench unable to even conceive of conquering the rest of the museum.

Queen of storeWhile shopping we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the store Queen. Though as you can see she is very camera shy and kept shaking her head. Or was it my hand in such exalted company?

Quick chaiTired and desperate for a quick cuppa chai we ordered it. Did you know tea comes in this beautiful paper flask? πŸ™‚

Square boxStarving, we ordered dinner soon after and it arrived hot spicy and delicious in a square box πŸ˜€

QuicheDesperate for some quiche we tried calling Hogg’s Room but sadly they didnt deliver from Kolkata to Mumbai πŸ˜‰

QuotaTaking inspiration from these two blissful canines we too decided to call it a day and catch up on our quota of sleep.

Quirky clock

But before I take your leave I must show you this quirky clock. Can you tell the time?

Thanks for visiting and do let me know in the comments how many rules were flouted in the making of this post πŸ˜€


A Brand New Coiffure

It’s time for Sunday Trees and this week I present one with an elegant and unique hairdo. In an earlier post, Theresa had suggested that “the tree is a woman wearing a lovely hairdo.” I agreed but only as an afterthought because I had already found my own favorite coiffured lady πŸ˜€

But before you scroll down for a glimpse of her, do visit Theresa’s post on two special trees who sent me messages, which T was kind enough to home deliver right across the seven seas – amazing isnt it?! Thank you once again Theresa πŸ™‚

Did you see them? Okay now you may scroll down πŸ˜€

weird strange crazy hairdo heart hairstyle

πŸ˜€ Taken from here.Oh another oneΒ inspired from animals.


Hmmmmm...  *Animal hair styles?

Time for some hairdos inspired by trees don’t you think? Here’s one for inspiration – and a true original



So which one is your favorite? Do let me know!


CB&W: Howz That!

Yeah yeah I am late again 😦 But hey! Better late than never right? πŸ˜€ And I have just the right set for Cee’s last week’s Black and White Photo challenge: Houses. But then I may be prejudiced so I’ll let you be the judge – free and fair!

Got your wig on? Let’s go, I mean scroll πŸ˜‰

42This house (okay building – Cee did say we could be creative πŸ˜‰ has its head in the clouds. It’s in Kolkata and called The 42. Apparently they wanted to build 65 floors but were denied permission (as it would be too close to heaven?) and restricted it to 42. πŸ˜€

OyoI snapped this photo in Bengaluru for the reflection – looks really cool doesnt it?


This is an open terraced house Punsacha (once again) at Santiniketan where the Nobel laureate Guru Rabindranath Tagore penned his immortal pieces. I was entranced by the idea of windows on the side walls of the open terrace. But then it was probably put there for the rainy days when the terrace would be covered with tarpaulin.

SantiniketanAnother house at the Santiniketan complex which I preferred to admire from afar πŸ™‚


Kolkata is a city of contrasts much more than any other metropolitan city in India, except perhaps Mumbai. And scenes such as this one is liberally interspersed between swanky new state of the art buildings.


We were bewitched by the house or should I say the invisible residents of the house?



Was it not

just yesterday

when you

cut me down

to build your empire

upon my ruins?


The Freeloader

Hello! I am back – anyone miss me? Ah well neither did I – so there! πŸ˜‰ I have been busy traveling and I did lots of shopping – tree shopping πŸ˜€ I saw scores of grand aging graceful and otherwise eye catching trees. But there’s one (or should I say two) that stand out among them all.


The outer tree is a deodar tree and the inside one is the jarul tree (Lagerstroemia speciosa giant crape-myrtle, Queen’s crape-myrtle, banabΓ‘ plant for Philippines, or Pride of India). At least that is what a local guide told us. But I am not really convinced, especially about the deodar tree which grows in the Himalayan regions and has needle like leaves. Perhaps it is the sal tree? Do you recognize the trees? Ferdi? Anyone?

But these are technicalities and as the bard said what is in a name? Especially when there is so much to see, marvel and wonder over.

Can you see how the jarul split the mother tree? And that despite being split she continues to nurture her protege? Did you notice how the jarul tree was cut away from its base and roots but yet it continues to grow deriving nourishment, sustenance and support from the parent tree.

A marvelous example of nature’s beauty, tenacity, and capacity to survive against all odds isnt it?

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No one

can save


from you

not even