FF: Parked

Written for the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle – a story in 100 words or less. Click here for other stories on this prompt.



Words 100

“Namaste Sharmaji! Congratulations on your new car.”

“Shukriya Guptaji. The kids insisted. Have some sweets.”

“Sweets and a spin!” Guptaji countered, “But, I will miss your company during the office commute.”

“Don’t worry! Metro is the best. Traffic!” Sharmaji shuddered.

“So much shopping Sharmaji!” Guptaji said one evening, “where’s your car?”

Sharmaji wiped his sweat and grimaced. “The wife insisted I take a walk.”

“Surely, you are going to Tanu’s wedding? Can we squeeze into your car?”

“Great idea. We can share the cab fare.”

“Cab? What about your car?”

Sharmaji coughed. “I am afraid to lose the parking spot.”


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41 thoughts on “FF: Parked”

  1. Of course,can’t lose the parking spot. There is a care parked outside my home which has not moved from there for months.
    Thank you Dahlia for the post.

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  2. Oh, so true! We don’t live in a city, thank goodness, so have no issues with finding a parking spot. But in the cities north and south of us, especially in snow weather, parking spots are worth a fortune. Too bad he can’t use his new car 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually,we don’t face such problems as every house has a porch .. It seems strange to me that one may lose the parking spot if they move their vehicle..

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