CBWC: Long Shot

This week, Cee’s black and white challenge topic is Long Items. Let’s see what I can come up with 😀

I shall start, but of course, with a tree – a really tall one. On the streets of Delhi, caught through a car while stuck in a jam. Some things are good about a traffic jam too!

The long way home – err not mine though!

A sneak preview of a bit of ancient sculptures that dot the country

A glimpse into one of the many dances of India. There was one with a bicycle wheel on his head as well. No mean feat eh!

This is the holy Bhagirathi, the tempestuous, feisty Himalayan river who, according to legend, was brought to earth by King Bhagiratha and hence also called Bhagirathi or Bhagiratha’s daughter. If you are interested in the legend, watch this (very short) video.

This is the mighty Ganga, one of the longest rivers in India and worshipped as goddess Ganga. She is formed by the confluence of Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda at Devprayag. The view of the confluence is mesmerising but that is another picture for another post 🙂

I will wrap up this post with this really ‘long’ tree standing tall in the midst of a moonlight night.

When I started this challenge, I thought I wouldn’t have any photos and now I have too many!

Hope you enjoyed these photos, do let me know your favourite. If any.

Happy Sunday!

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9 thoughts on “CBWC: Long Shot”

  1. Lovely pictures, Dahlia, I love the story or the legend ofthe River Ganga. I love how she came down from the heaven and was caught in Shivji’s hair. I tell the story to anyone who would like to know but young people always enjoy the story.

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