SPF: Blast From the Past


Blast from the Past

Words 199

“Aren’t you too young to be a face-reader?” Madhulika looked her up and down.

“It’s a gift.” Tuhina said.

“But to give you a booth at the event, I’ll need some proof of your talent.”

I know what you did Muddy.”

Madhulika gasped. “Wha…what do you mean?”

Don’t you remember your friend, Muddy?” Tuhina shook her hair free and leaned forward.

There was a crash. “Vrinda’s dead and you…you…”

“…I possessed Tuhina,” the voice was cold and unemotional, “and set out to avenge myself.”

“It wasn’t me, I swear it wasn’t!” Madhulika edged towards the door.

A hollow laugh echoed. “Still lying Muddy?”

“It was Shail. It was his idea to kill you…”

And my unborn child.”

“Child!” Madhulika was stuttering. “I…I don’t know…”

Shail knew. And if he knew…”

“Don’t kill me please!” Madhulika begged.

I wouldn’t do anything so passé Muddy.” She bared her teeth. “I’ll just have some fun.”

“Fun?” Madhulika quavered.

Shail has a new girlfriend. They are plotting a murder.”


But she was gone.



“What have you been up to?”

“Nothing.” Tuhina grinned at her mother. “Just settling some old scores.” She fingered the scar on Vrinda’s neck like she had since childhood.


Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction  – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for the photo prompt and hosting the challenge. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here.

Of Moms and Sons

Photo (c) Dale Rogerson

Of Moms and Sons

Words 98

Do I have passport photos?



Yes. Did you have lunch?

Where are they?

In your wallet. Lunch?

Checked. Not there.

Check again. Did you wish Dadu?

They’re not there Ma.

They’re behind the pocket for coins.

I used those up last time.

There are 4 more. How many do you need?

Two. But they aren’t there.

How will you find them if you are busy texting me?

Did you have lunch?

Don’t forget to call Dadu

Did you find them?

Found them.

It’s freezing today.

Dress warmly.

Zip up your jacket.

Eat something.

Are you listening?



A/N I tried a new style today, do let me know if it worked. Thanks!

Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and Dale for the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

CFFC: Y? But Then Why Not?

Yep! That’s the challenge this week – Letter Y – Needs to start or end with the letter Y or in the caption for the photo “Why” needs to be present. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenges are getting funner and funner 😀

Let’s see what I can come up with 😉

Smoggy cloudyA smoggy or is it foggy winter morning at 9.30 am! Thank God the worst seems to be over but it’s already time to brace up for the heat and dust 😉

skyComing out from being cooped up in the office the whole day long, I snapped a quick pic of the sky where the feathery clouds had been busy painting it white.

20180206_175342On another day, when a demonstration turned a 10-min drive into a 30-min one I made the most of my time clicking pictures sure that Cee would certainly give me an opportunity to display them sooner or later 😀 Yet, I couldn’t get what I really wanted – off the birds flying home in beautiful formations. But don’t you think the sky looks lovely? Okay! Enough of skies for now – lets move on to something else before you accuse me of repetitive stuff.

YellowAn exquisitely hand carved temple. Can you imagine the vision, the planning and the workmanship that went into building such a marvelous piece of art so many centuries ago? I could simply look at the perfectly designed symmetry for hours and hours. Couldn’t you?

YonderCan you see the yellowing leaves on the yellow-brown path? Actually I wanted to draw your attention to the yonder tree 😀

ShimmyIt was a very interesting and exciting tree (like most trees!) See those roots dropping down – just something Tarzan would love to shimmy down right?

YogaWait! There’s more. The roots got tired of just standing around so one particularly antsy one decided to indulge in some yoga on the way down 😀

ButterflyA yellow butterfly from our garden at home captured by my sister.

WhyWhy? Well like I said Why Not? This photo was shared by my friend Svkuki while on her trip the States and has been crying for some screen space for quite a while now. Besides surely you can see the Y created by the shadow and the cacti in the background?

Oh well, fine be that way…

Redrawing Battle Lines

Photo (c) Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Redrawing Battle Lines

Words 100

“Hello Guddu,” Khushi helped her son down from the bus, “how was school?”

“What’s for lunch?” He asked his favorite question.

“Chicken curry and rice.” She pulled him into a quick cuddle.

“Ma’am said we shouldn’t eat meat.”

Khushi sighed. Another battle.

“But darling you need your proteins. How else will you grow as tall and strong as your father?”

“Animals have feelings too. They hurt when…”

“Okay fine,” Khushi capitulated, “so you’re fine with no Maggi, no chocolates…?”

“No Maggi?”

Khushi shrugged. “Plants have feelings too.”

“I don’t want rice and chicken.” Guddu insisted. “I want a chicken burger.”


Written for the Friday Fictioneers – a story in 100 words or less. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt, click here.

Thanks for reading! If you like you can read my other Friday Fictioneer stories here – indexed, with snippets/teasers and color-coded recommendations 😀

The Bickering Couple


And you didn’t even notice my new HAIRDO!


Well, did you notice it? 😉 😀

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SPF: A White Wedding


A White Wedding

Words: 200

It was the most exciting Christmas ever, pretty much like her tenth birthday when she had got a puppy and a bicycle. And now after 25 years, her prayers had been answered with not one but two suitors.

“So Ryan or Dave?” Sheila asked.

“Dave is just a friend!” Fiona protested.

“Who loves you…”

“But I love Ryan,” Fiona wore a dreamy look. “I can’t believe that someone like Ryan could ever…”

“So you are grateful and overwhelmed with his attention?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Seemed like it to me.” Sheila shrugged.

“Why do you say that?”

“Here you are at the ripe old age of 35, a self-made entrepreneur, no expectations of getting married ever, and in comes Ryan, the dashing handsome rake that you’ve always been warned about…”

“Yes I know!” groaned Fiona. “Dave is safe while Ryan is like skydiving. My brain says one thing and my heart another. It’s a tough call.”

“If you had to choose one, the puppy or the bike, what would you choose?”

“Mr. Pups for his unconditional love. The bike gave me a lot of grief. Even broke my leg.”

“Well, there’s your answer.”


“I do.” Fiona smiled mistily at Ryan.


Written for the Sunday photo fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and and photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

Just 4 Fun # 66

First Monday of the last month of the year! Whew how swiftly the year has flown – thanks to all the fun stuff right 😉


Okay so let’s see what all can I do for a better today…


Exactly! Well I guess not just me, many others would be heaving a sigh of relief 😀

Image result for cooking jokes images

See what I mean? But then again

Image result for cooking jokes images

Hmm that’s a bit of a friendly (even if unwanted) advice….

Image result for cooking jokes images                                               That’s how I cook 😉

Image result for cooking jokes images

Actually I think this when I look at the the mouth watering delicious photos of the finished product. But jokes apart


Image result for cooking jokes images

Oh well I gotta go to the kitchen – a person’s got to eat right?

Image result for cooking jokes images


Okay that’s it from me this week people – have a super week 🙂

Hope you found something that you enjoyed – none of which are mine by the way. I found them on the internet and am just keeping the fun going.

And do let me know your favorite – or better still post your own and leave me a link I will be along in just a bit.