WWP #284: Rules

This time I am trying my hand at Sammi’s Weekend Writing PromptRules – and the rule is to write a piece is exactly 16 words.


Framed and hung

For all to see and quake

Those who couldn’t read

Take the cake

I am not quite sure if the word count includes the title or not, so here’s another piece which is 16 words, including the title 😀


One for you

One for me

Just how long can it

Go on that way?

Thank you for visiting and reading. If you have a few moments to spare, do share your thoughts and preference, if any – have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “WWP #284: Rules”

  1. Hi Dahlia,
    Both are good.
    First one has humour – who can’t read the rules can’t follow them, can they?
    Second one has emotions – One for you one for me as long as it lasts. Most probably it has to end one day.
    You too have nice rest of the weekend.

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  2. Nicely done.
    Most other challenges that I participate in do not include the title in the word count. However, if the first line is the title, as in some poems, I suppose it could be counted.
    I suppose it is up to us. I usually include a post script which I also do not count as part of the challenge. 🙂

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