WWP #287: Not So Sweet Revenge

Hello! I am back with a piece for Sammi’s Weekend Writing PromptRevenge in exactly 79 words. Hope you like!

Not so Sweet Revenge

Words 79

“Where’s Deva?”

“Daddy!” Chotti ran to him sobbing. “He’s gone off to play football. He has an exam tomorrow as well.”

“That boy.”

““He’s always playing.” Chotti rubbed it in. “Or teasing me.” She pouted.

“Hari Prakash!” Her father shouted. “Go get Deva home immediately.”

Chotti skipped, but stopped short.

“Daddy, let him play today.” She wore her most angelic expression. “Scold him later.”

“Why?” He frowned.

“Because, he promised to get her an ice cream today,” Khushi revealed.


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11 thoughts on “WWP #287: Not So Sweet Revenge”

  1. Chotti ,Daddy’s Angel can be a real devil,telling tales on her brother.Just wait when Deva finds out that he was conned into buying her an icecream for keeping quiet about him going out to play insted of studying for exams. But Deva knows his little sister. I bet he will not bring the icecream he promised. I love these stories .Dahlia.


  2. Sooooooo cuteeeeeeee..
    She will complain about him but won’t let Daddy scold him ashe has promised to bring ice cream for this little imp.. lol.

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