Bride Burning – A Case in Point

Perhaps some of you have read the flash fiction I posted last week – The Murderer. Two days ago there was an article in the newspaper, which reflects my ‘fictional’ piece.

And again my question – is it enough to just book the in-laws?

Are the parents not to be blamed too?

From the details available, Devi’s husband asked her to bring Rs 50,000 from her father but she refused.

Presumably Devi discussed the issue with her parents and possibly they couldn’t afford the money or just refused the demand for dowry – as they should. But this wasn’t the first time he had demanded dowry in the 8 years they had been married. And he used to frequently beat her for dowry.

Since the father was supposed to shell out the money, one can safely presume the parents were in the know about their daughter’s plight.

But did they do anything?


They sent her back.

Again and again.

Because that was her home.

Not the one where she was born.

But where she was wedded and bedded – worse gave birth to a daughter.

But that was her kismet and her destiny. And it was up to her make her life heaven or hell.

It was all her responsibility.

Her parents had done their duty and gained the highest degree of good karma by doing kanyadaan. Now they could look forward to their reserved seats in heaven.

While their daughter Devi (which rather ironically means goddess) lived in hell.

Upset at being denied the money, last Saturday, the drunken husband tied Devi to the cot and set it on fire.

When his 6-year-old daughter began crying, he threw her on the burning cot as well.

Drunk as he was, I am willing to bet, he would have never thrown his son into the pyre.

Or that things would have reached this stage at all.

As expected, an FIR has been filed against the husband and in-laws by Devi’s parents. They have accused her in-laws of harassing and torturing poor Devi for dowry for the past eight years.

That bring me back to my original question – aren’t the parents equally culpable?

Why did the parents not insist that Devi leave her in-laws house?

Why should Devi’s parents reap the benefits of her death?

Yes the benefits.

A case will be filed, the ‘culprits’ put in jail and compensation paid to parents for ‘their’ loss.

A win-win situation for parents:

  • Sympathy from the society
  • Media limelight
  • Monetary compensation from the state
  • No more sleepless nights that she would land up battered, bruised, unasked and unwanted.

What more could beleaguered parents of daughters ask for?

This state of affairs is inexplicable, incomprehensible, reprehensible, unconscionable and inexcusable.

This must change and soon.

The mechanism to penalize in-laws has been in place for decades but cases of bride burning continue to be reported.

But what about the thousands (if not lakhs) of women who don’t have the ‘luxury’ of death and have no place to call their own?

Don’t sons continue to live with their parents after their marriage under the same roof?

Why can’t daughters too do the same, if they so wish without fear of societal backlash?

Why shouldn’t parents be penalized for not taking a preemptive step to ensure their daughter’s well being?

Why is the woman who is forced to leave the safety and comfort of their own homes, give up their own names in order to ‘build’ the home of another have no place to call her own?

Why does a society not have a mechanism in place for the safety and well being of women?





#WordSante – Let the blog love begin

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A Celebrity – Just Kidding

Dear friends I am terribly kicked and pleased as Punch 😀 Sunita aka Bellybytes posted a Guest Interview of yours truly 😀

I am doubly honored because Sunita is a wonderful writer and I enjoy reading her posts. I hope you will visit her blog and just in case you are curious have a look at the guest post too 😉

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Moo Point

One sunny winter morning, we set to explore the Kolkata suburbs. Err well actually, the boys were on the lookout for a suitable place to reconnect minus the usual noise of their own ‘inhibitory’ pathways. And I, being blessed with no such inhibitions, tagged along for some possible photo ops. And voila there unfolded right before my phone camera a live drama.

brunchThe ladies were out for a bit of a munch at brunch

gossipPerhaps share a few confidences away from the old hag and other potential eavesdroppers.

dangerOh but wait – what was that? Danger!!!

retreatTime for a graceful and disdainful retreat – the leading lady led the way, while a tardy youngster grabbed a mouthful for the road.

retreat2Feeling brave, I ventured closer. She gave me a beady glare – No interviews or autographs please. I have other urgent business to attend to – she trotted off on the double.

escapeShe has her escape route mapped out and makes a beeline for it. The steps are just something else she has learned to negotiate for a bit of fresh greens.

gateKnowing the ways of the mischievous youngsters, the caretaker waits for them to actually leave the premises, lest they make a U-turn.

Apparently, every morning the hungry visitors arrived at the hotel lawns via a circuitous route to mooch around until heckled off the field. The caretaker also shared that the side gate is deliberately left open to enable the free lawnmowers to make a quick gateway 😀

Written for the Daily Post’s Weekly Discover Challenge – Transcript.

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Just 4 Fun #21



Well at least he (yeah pretty sure it’s he) has a good handwriting right? Just in case anyone is wondering ‘Arre’ (not Array) is a Hindi word. Hmm not quite sure what it means but mostly used as an exclamation or as a conversation starter. If anyone has a better explanation, please speak up or forever hold your peace 😀


Funny isn’t it?


But not to the one next in queue 😋

Oh well, life is like that, sometimes on your side but mostly not.

But then smile anyway and keep life wondering what you are up to 😎


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CFFC: Down and Up

Whoosh! That’s how time flies and just as I thought there was tons of time for Cee’s next Fun Foto Challenge – Snakes and Ladders oops I mean Chutes and Ladders I find she’s already roped in the others for her next 😉 Anyway, better late than never right?

Okay so here goes – and I am glad the challenge is not called Snakes and Ladders, Chutes were difficult to get as it is 😀 The pictures are mostly from around the wedding venue I had recently attended.


A luggage chute – will it do?


A chute ramp to the motor boat 😉 Okay now for some ladders


A hard at work decorator or is the electrician?


Basking in the winter Sun. Can you imagine him doing this in 42o C (108 o F) with 80% humidity? Not just him, millions do it.


Triple bonanza 😀


Enough work, time for a bit of a rest, after a drink or two 😉


Hic hic hitching a ride home 😀

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For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 106 and Calvin and Hobbes

WPC: In Anticipation

This little fella at the Kolkata zoo one early winter morning, spotted us from the corner of his beady little eye.


Long term resident of the zoo and experienced in the ways of man, he didn’t waste any  any time taking up his place in anticipation of what was to come.


We wondered what was up but not for long. Despite warnings to the contrary, eager visitors willingly shared their goodies – oranges seemed to be a hot favorite. Using his nose, he deftly twitched the segments away from the orange peel and stuffed them in his mouth. Clearly a discerning foodie rather than a mere glutton.

Another time, at a temple, I met Lakshmi the elephant who accepted ‘offerings’ from her fans. If they were coins she would promptly pass them on to her trainer and in return she would ‘bless’ the giver by placing her trunk on their head. But if someone gave her a coconut, she would crack it on the stone floor like a nut. From the broken pieces, she would delicately sniff out the coconut flesh and gobble it up in a jiffy. Her dexterity and expertise was a mesmerizing watch and has remained with me despite not having any photos.


As for me, I too live in anticipation. Invoking Sri Ganesha, the elephant headed-God, the One who is prayed first and is the Remover of all obstacles, in the coming New Year I hope that:


Clouded visions clear
Overcome barriers
Real or imagined
Stride fearlessly
Upon destined paths
Vibrant yet tranquil

Thank you for reading and apologies for foisting my feeble attempts at poetry (if it can be called that!) upon you 😶

In anticipation of a note from you  🙂