SPF: Exposed

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Click here for other stories on this prompt.


SPF: Exposed

Words 198

“Reeta!” Sheila burst inside her house, “did you hear the news?”

“What news?” Reeta asked her easily excitable neighbor.

“Don’t you ever watch TV?”

“Not if I can help it.” Reeta said drily. Besides, who needs a TV when you are here?

“Didn’t you hear the TV vans whooshing past – or the ambulance? I checked the news and sure enough, it’s all over the TV!” Sheila’s eyes glittered with pleasurable glee and something else. “Look at you, sitting here cool as cucumber.”

Reeta made a wry face and got to her feet. “My apologies. Would you like a cup of tea?” She began walking to the kitchen.

Sheila grabbed Reeta by the arm and burst out, “The well-known socialite Mrs Sisodia committed suicide.”

Reeta froze. She paled and her eyes widened.

Sheila watched these developments with ghoulish delight. “Oh! Now I remember, she and your husband were very good friends weren’t they?” Sheila looked around. “Where is he? Does he know? Call him up and let him know.” She urged.

The doorbell rang. It was the police.

Reeta mentally cursed the inconsiderate Mrs Sisodia.

She could brush an affair under the carpet but not a dead woman.


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9 thoughts on “SPF: Exposed”

  1. You have learnt the art and taken classes for hooking people and make them antsy of what is happening around….you are awesum…


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