APWC: Window Views

The theme for this week’s photo challenge hosted by Nancy is View From My Front Porch. Now I don’t have a front porch but I do have a window from which I have clicked many an interesting view. Some I have shared before (like here and here) but I still have some in my kitty. So here goes:

windowA budding Virat Kohli or is it Sehwag or perhaps who knows Sachin?

blueMy favorite pickup tractor 🙂 Not a repeat telecast but a fresh angle.

blue2And as  treat I sneaked downstairs to grab a full view -cool isnt it? Or have I lost my marbles – again?

grandpaThis one I have to admit but I couldn’t resist – poor grandpa was quite putty (just like I am) in the little one’s dramatics 😀


I can see a splash of red blooms from my kitchen window. I especially sneaked down for a full view – just for you 😉

Hope you liked – have a cool and fun weekend.

And oh don’t forget to exercise your fingers on the keyboard 😀


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10 thoughts on “APWC: Window Views”

  1. Our young batsman is certainly well kitted out! And his stance is also very impressive.

    I share your love for clicking pictures from my window, Dahlia. Nature changes the perspective of the same view so many times during a day.

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  2. A lovely tour of your local life, Dahlia! I enjoy as always the interplay of your observations and the photographs you provide. You have a unique view of the world (not just the one from your balcony)!

    Liked by 1 person

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