APWC: Out in the Country

Last week I had the opportunity to travel through the countryside (twice!) and I bring selected glimpses – mostly from inside the car.

Paddy fields!




This little fellow chugging on the highway shuttling between villages


Bumper to bumper with the fresh farm produce (bitter gourd) truck


Stopping to give this one the right of way


Oh look who got a joy ride into the city 😉


Country roads take me home to the place where I belong….


Our Welcome CommitteeMonkey4.jpg

And on this side too – looking positively disapproving don’t you think?Monkey1.jpg

This post is in response to Nancy’s A Photo A Week Challenge and the theme is Out in the Country. Hope you liked 😀

For the readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 76 and Calvin Hahaha


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5 thoughts on “APWC: Out in the Country”

  1. Hahaa… disaprroving??? Zaroor kuch na kuch khurafati soch rahe honge to hoodwink you 😉

    Lovely pics… really your second profession is taking off so well 🙂


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