APWC: Yellows

This week for the A Photo A Week challenge Nancy wants us to focus on the color Yellow. You may have noticed that I have developed a liking for yellow (see this post here) and rifling through my archives I found loads more yellows. Here they come – first the flowers


Yellow roses taken at dusk


FL1A bunch of yellow flowers – what are they called? Anyone? Rekha…


Exoctic flowers on display at a flower show – nope dunno their names either 😦

Darjeeling fl

Multi-colored flowers but you will admit yellow is the dominant color!

BoatingAs it is here where my niece and nephew go for a yellow boat ride 🙂

ScoobieScoobie is thrilled with his new yellow blanket

BrideThe radiant bride on the morning of her wedding 🙂


And a specially yellow-winged green tinged butterfly just for you 😉

Thanks for visiting – have a super day!

For readers of Moonshine, here's Chapter 148

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25 thoughts on “APWC: Yellows”

  1. I don’t think they have named a flower after me 🤔🤔😉😉
    They look a lot like Chrysanthemums. But may be, they are daisies. Chrysanthemums have different leaf structure. 🤔

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      1. I’m going to make a post about my site problem. For the meantime, see if you could copy and paste my new link to your Reader – Blogs followed, after you copy, my new link shows up, you can click the blue “follow” on the right side, then it will turn to green and saying you’re following. Then my posts will show up in the Reader. Let me know if it works. WP un-delete my old link, so it’s floating out there, I got 20 follows for my old link with the title Inactive!!! Okay, my new link: https://theshowerofblessings.wordpress.com


  2. beautiful colour…yellow yellow…..kims favourite too, i want to wear yellow only, why because it is the brightest colour, i asked why because sun is yellow, and sun is the BIGGEST in the world…..hmmm true….thank you for all the pics….

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  3. I usually do not like yellow but this post and the one with trees in bloom and full of yellow flowers made me see it differently.

    P.S Scoobie is too adorable! Is S/he yours? We wouldnt mind this cutie being frequent in your blog posts.

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