Travel Times

The travel bug seems to have bitten me and I am off once again. This time to one of 2015’s hottest cities. Guess which one if you can – and if not, pics when I log back in on the 27th of Jan 🙂

Until then here are some More glimpses of Jaipur

and of course Chapter 24 as well as Calvin and his antics


I take your leave with these pearls of wisdom inscribed on the back of trucks plying the Delhi-Jaipur road.

Soch kar socho —- kya lekar jaaoge

Hans mat pagli —- pyaar ho jayega

and my favorite

Pehle milne ke liye tarso —- Phir milenge parso 😀

I know it is too much of a bother but I really would love to hear from you on anything and everything.

Poitu varaen wave

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9 thoughts on “Travel Times”

  1. lovely……hmm hope u enjoy your stay…do take sights of Chennai to enjoy the feeling of being in the place personally…wishing a happy stay!


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