Travel Theme: Transport

Time for another photo challenge! Title is self explanatory and here are some modes of transport:

By road when a boat would have been preferable


But at least I wasn’t in an auto-rickshaw, a three-wheeler which liberally peppers the roads of India.


Once while on the way on a rainy night to catch a train, I was completely drenched as one SUV grandly swept past us. It gave me the opportunity to use the bathing room facilities at the railway station and be impressed! But don’t look down upon the auto-rickshaw just yet. It is a lifesaver and one that the Mexican Ambassador in India patronizes – have a look – click here.

On the roads of India one can see all sort of transport from massive buses to puny bicycles. Hey what’s that?!img-20160806-wa0001

Cartons taking a piggyback ride on a bicyclist! Let’s hope they are empty.

Talking of piggyback rides, what would you call this ride?

Monkey baby.jpg

Hope you liked! Click for more photos on Travel Theme: Transport

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10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Transport”

  1. I’ve always been amazed at how much traffic there is on roads in India and I hope to see it all for myself one day. I hear the road rules aren’t that strict over there…which makes transportation more adventurous but you got to be more careful 🙂 Hope you weren’t caught in the rain recently. That SUV that drenched you sounded like it was in a hurry and didn’t notice you!

    I love monkeys and that last photo made me smile. Monkeys can be so cheeky. Good spotting, good shot 🙂

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    1. Traffic is unbelievable here – you should come to India but not just for that 😀 Adventurous is one way of describing but just a way of life actually – mostly people believe in fate destiny whatever will be will be so yes on occasion (well more than that actually) free for all does happen :D. I was caught in that downpour on the way to the airport, just in time to catch the flight. Thanks Mabel for adding to the fun 🙂


      1. I’ve lived in Malaysia and the traffic there is terrible. Then I lived briefly in Indonesia and it was way worse – sometimes it takes one and a half hours to travel three blocks there 😀 Maybe India’s traffic is better than that!

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      2. Although there may be less road rules out in the country and rural areas, there are also less vehicles. So I always think a city like India and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia are the most dangerous places for driving 😀


  2. Balancing act on a bi-cycle…the boxes does seem to be loaded.. why would they want to carry empty ones fully expanded?…baby monkey is so pouch yet hanging on tight…

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