APWC: Red Bricks and Greens

Nancy’s A Photo a Week Challenge is about Two Materials. Funny how sometimes pictures just fall into my lap specifically tailor-made for challenges. For this one I had just about begun to wonder what to do when these two pics (among others) landed into my phone from far away places.


Doesn’t it look lovely? Wait till you see the larger picture…

Building roots
In the outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal

He may not be good at shopping but he sure is good at shooting and capturing beauties 😉 😀

Have a great weekend!

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11 thoughts on “APWC: Red Bricks and Greens”

  1. I have seen that place in Kolkata! Seriously! :O
    Don’t ask me where, my friend took me to all places in their car 😛 But I have seen it. I vaguely remember that yellow building.

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  2. Its a beautiful picture, the second ones i feel like sitting down with you under a tree and hear the story from you of all the abstracts in the picture speaking a story of their own, would love to see the remaining picture from you in near future…hauntingly beautiful.

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