Live your Life

20171104_094603Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” ― Ernest Hemingway

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PS: Just a quick note to brag that I finally did what my blog had been crying out for months, okay years. I reorganized and updated my index making it easier to browse and check out earlier posts with snippets (but I’m still working on the blurbs). If you are free and so inclined how about browsing through the index of Short Stories or Photo posts? Feedback and suggestions most welcome!

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26 thoughts on “Live your Life”

  1. I like this reminder about living.
    and I checked out your blog to see the reorganizing – and it kind of looks the same to me – but to be clear – I rarely visit blogs – I usually access through the reader

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    1. Oops! Reorganizing usually means the look of the blog I guess. I categorized my storied and posts into different sections like flash fiction, other short stories and random stuff with a little bit about each of the longer pieces to give the interested reader an idea. And collected all the links in two pages as once i make a new post the other one just disappears. Even I didnt know how many flash I had posted – more than 150 all combined. I also didnt know i had miscounted number of Just 4 Fun – My bad. And how similar the titles were in many cases, how often I said I hadnt played Cee’s oddball in quite sometime – quite an eye opener it was the entire indexing process!

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    1. Yes I think the man in the shot gave the photo an entirely different connotation but somehow i couldnt bring myself to actually put it into words. I dont know who he is but somebody’s father, brother, son…

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    1. Luckily I didnt know how much work it was and once I got started being rather obsessive in nature I had to finish it 😀 Took me most of two whole days before I got something close to satisfaction. Thanks Becca 🙂


    1. Pure mindless obsession and the fact that I didnt know how much work it was! :D. I had made a couple of index pages (not posts) Some themes have the option for creating lists and drop down lists but i am rather wary of changing my theme. So I have these pages created on the left side bar (if you are on a computer – phone it is different. I think it comes below after the posts). Separate Pages for Photos and Stories. And then painstaking I went through the entire list of blog posts got their links and added to the earlier half-baked attempts. And then since I hadnt realized i had so many posts I broke them up into easy digestible bits and posted them under the short story index or photo index which the WP call as child pages. And voila i am set for a year! 😀


  2. A thoughtful post…evoked different emotions suddenly….but so true…sometimes you dont need words to say it all, the picture can say the unsaid too….

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