CFFC: Signs of the Times

As usual, Cee has an interesting Fun Foto Challenge lined up for us – Signs. I have quite an obsession for signs. Let’s begin shall we?

I have to confess the first two sets are forwards but they were too good to pass up 😀


Outside a zoo somewhere in India. I refuse to divulge where, who knows what it will attract..
At Lucerne, Switzerland. Perhaps a single line would not have conveyed the same message?
For some reason I found WALK terribly funny
Well, at least one can boast about a golden cage 😀


Oops, I seem to have nicked off the topmost part – translation anyone?

And the award goes to


Off to hunt for my pot of gold 😀

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15 thoughts on “CFFC: Signs of the Times”

  1. Love your humorous collection of signs. Frogs? I suppose the front dress on display sort of looked like a frog 😀 The public toilet one also made me smile. It came with instructions! 600m may not be that long of a walk but if you are bursting to go, I suppose it is 😀

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