# 7 of 7 Day B&W Photo

It’s the last day of the 7 Day B&W Photo challenge but don’t think you’ve seen the last of me 😀

“Since when,” he asked,
“Are the first line and last line of any poem
Where the poem begins and ends?
Seamus Heaney


Imprisoned –

me in you

you in me

Thank you all for your indulgence and patience – wish you all a wonderful weekend 🙂

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19 thoughts on “# 7 of 7 Day B&W Photo”

  1. Loved the picture. The tree and the fence holding on to each other. My worry is what will happen when the fence is removed? Very pessimistic aren’t I?
    On the bright side, my Mr.RBR has come a visiting and foraging in the fallen leaves, flying up to perch on the wisteria vine.It is lovely to see flashes of orange/red when it is hopping from place to place.
    Have a good weekend Dahlia.

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    1. When the tree withers away and dies it is the fence that will be lonely and bereft. And if the fence is removed, she would just grow another set of roots 😉 😀 Say my namaste to RRB 😀 Happy weekend to you too!

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      1. Or Someone will fell all the trees and the fence and build a skyscraper there. Of course, there will be token ornamental trees planted there and artificial ones made in China/Taiwan inside. Though I like your version much better. Long live the fence hugging tree.
        By the way, Mr.RRB has got a female companion.Lovely to see them hopping and flying around the garden.

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  2. Loved the lines you tagged this picture with can be very indulging yet individual take on it….sometimes we need to lean on, sometimes we need someone to lean on and sometimes we are excusing to be together by leaning on someone else….and sometimes we need to “NOT LEAN ON…..”

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