Hot on the Trail

Not so long ago, just two months ago to be more precise, I was busy Chasing Spring – remember? And I had hinted then that I was hot on the trail of something else as well. It is time for the unveiling.

I was trying to track Mother Nature as she dealt with the changing seasons – the bitter chill and frost of the winter to the unrelenting merciless sun rays  – with her usual no-nonsense nonchalance and elan.

Tip: Taking a leaf from Mother Nature’s kitty, for best results, scroll down at a leisurely pace.

Here’s the first set of pics taken on 12 March 2016 around the campus

And then comes the next set taken about exactly a month later, i.e on or around 12th of April 2016

The temperatures skyrocketed as we slipped into May. Whilst mere mortals writhed and groaned under the weight of the blazing sun, she decided if you can’t beat them join them.

Now just hold your breath:-

I dare not draw the curtains even in this heat for fear of missing out the breathtaking sight of the Amaltas in full glorious bloom – enough left over to carpet the roads as well.

I am completely bowled over, fascinated and enthralled by the complete wardrobe overhaul without moving an inch!

And all from thin air…

I wonder if trees get a headache while in the sun? If not, I am all for being born as a tree in my next life 😀

After this, I wouldnt blame you if you didnt much care for Rajani’s escapades – well anyhow here’s Chapter 59.

And a bonus short story – The Trap – do let me know what you think!

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12 thoughts on “Hot on the Trail”

  1. Lesson for life from tree is nothing remains the same everything changes with time .
    You just have to remain calm in all seasons as life does show all of them in a lifetime.

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  2. Awww, soooo beautiful…. you made my day!! Just lovvvve Nature… can’t have enough of it. Can go on admiring it in all its forms and bask in its offerings all my time. It is the best teacher for life’s lessons!!

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  3. Even when they stand all withered during winter, wonder what’s going on inside them…backstage preparations to get ready for a speedy beautiful bloom..
    Beautiful pictures marking each season well.

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