SPF: A Letterbomb


A Letterbomb

Words 200

Dear Mom,

I am going away. Far away. You won’t have to wake up early, send me to school, or pack my lunch. You’ll be free. Don’t bother looking for me. I am going to another planet – Zeutron, my home planet.

Didn’t Dad always say I was good-for-nothing trash? Turns out that I fell out from the spaceship hovering over Earth into the garbage dump. They’ve been searching for me ever since. After all, I am the Prince and heir to Zeutron. My parents, real parents were so desperate to find me that they stationed one of their best undercover agents (better than 007!) on Earth with orders to find me or die here.

You remember the guard at the mall? He’s not human. He’s a Zeutronian and his name is Gerkle. He recognized me right away, but he had to play his cards well so as to gain my trust. He told me everything once we became friends. We are leaving on the spaceship that arrives tonight. I’m not taking anything along except for a photo of you and me. Maybe you can come and visit me sometime. To see how I am doing.

Lots of love



Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting the challenge and the photo prompt. To read the other stories inspired by this prompt click here.

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28 thoughts on “SPF: A Letterbomb”

  1. Oh Dear, I fear Dan has been abducted by the guard Gerkle with ulterior motives.It certainly is a bomb.I hope the parents rush to the mall and rescue their son from the evil. He must have fed the little boy with the outer space story. Hello Dahlia, I think I have hijacked ( kidnapped) your story.

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      1. I feel sad that the boy is neglected by his parents and he made friends with someone who became friendly and gave him some attention. I am afraid dan is being groomed by Girkle. It is a story we read often in paper or hear it in TV news.
        On the other end no such horror story. The lonely boy has invented a new identity for himself and has an imaginary friend Girkle.

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  2. Oh my!!! The child’s imagination running wild when deeply scarred, highly influenced by the latest technology…. he just wants to go far away, poor soul!!
    Hahaa, that guy looks like an alien to you 😂

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