SPF: Ground Rules


Ground Rules

Words 200

 “Grandpa, how did you get that scar on your chin?”

Grandpa rubbed his chin. “Ah! I am rather proud of this one. I once chased a chain-snatcher. I lunged for him and fell on my chin. I grabbed his ankle and held on until the others came.”


Grandpa looked pleased.

“And the one on your forehead?”

He caressed it. “This is both my badge of shame and pride.”


“Once Mother lost her gold ring. She accused Leena of stealing it.”

“What did Granny say?”

“Leena denied it. But nobody believed her.”

“Not even you Grandpa?”

“We were newly married. I hardly knew her.”

“Then what happened?”

“There was a slanging match. Accusations flew thick and fast. Leena was rude to my mother. As her husband, it was my duty to teach her a lesson. I slapped her.”


“Your Granny instantly retaliated by hitting me with a saucepan.”

Shocked, I could only stare.

“Blood dripped from my wound but all I felt was a sense of vindication and pride. I looked at my parents. I hated that Father hit Mother. But what I hated more was that she didn’t hit back.”

“Did you ever hit Granny again?”



Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction – a story in 200 words or less. For more stories, on this prompt, click here

Thanks for reading – do let me know you were here 🙂

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27 thoughts on “SPF: Ground Rules”

  1. An eye for an eye proved to be a stinging eye-opener and left an indelible mark on him, saving him from the tag ‘like father, like son’…. what a lesson!!! Wonderfully written!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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